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  1. A local plastic manufacture near where I live just laid off about 100 people. In my local paper they interview some of the people that lost their jobs. One guy said he is not worried because we finally have a president that will take care of him and his family. I hope this guy has other plans also.
  2. Try starting up from the install dvd holding down C key at startup. Then run the Disk Utility to fix disk and repair permissions. Or you could start by holding down command and the S key to start in single user. Then type fsck -y this sometimes will fix start up errors. If you have another Mac you can firewire the two together and start the bad install up in firewire disk mode. This let you access all your files and perform repairs or try installing the update from the stand alone update. Is the guy sure it froze up during reinstall. Depending on the type of install (archive and install) it ca
  3. You know almost all email providers have a IMAP option so if your email client does IMAP "almost all do", you can have the benefits of a webpage email and a dedicated client on your computer.
  4. Half my work day I do tech support at a school. We do have a few on staff that understand tech stuff but the overwhelming majority can barley use a browser. I just recently set up everyones computer to be able print to one of our copiers. 90% of the teachers still can't figure out how to choose the copier in the print menu. Even had the Canon guy come in a give a class.
  5. Looks like a guy I work with and our boss.
  6. Is there a Mac section? I have a small list that I keep but wouldn't mind adding to my list. disk Burning Burn Maintenance / Utilities Applejack Onyx App Cleaner Audio Line-in Sound Source Backup Cloning SuperDuper Carbon Copy Cloner Web Browsers Webkit Shiira ht
  7. The problem is if you spend money you don't have to fix your house and can't pay it back someone else will be living there. Likewise if you build a train and can't afford the hundreds of millions of dollars a year to maintain it...
  8. If your os (XP or Vista) is up to date you can go to the start menu > run and type mrt. This will let you run a quick or deep scan of Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool. Not a preventative but will remove a lot of the popular badware's.
  9. Few months ago I was looking for a winter truck. Went to a place just like Dixie Dream Car called Deals4wheels. Had some great online reviews but when I got there it looked like a bunch of cleaned up rust buckets and hacked together insurance buy outs. They had a few real nice 4x4 Rangers and S10s but wanted a lot more then book value. Wonder why used car lots get a bad rap?
  10. If the hard drive is at fault call apple support if it's still under warrantee. Try this start your mac and hold down the command and S keys. This will start you in single user mode and you will see a unix-like terminal window. When the words stop scrolling type fsck -y. This will run some system checks and try to repair problems. You can also startup from the system install DVD and choose the Disk Utility to do repair to the hard drive. Also there is hardware test utilities on the install DVD to find out if it is in fact a hardware problem. I can help with any of the above test but will nee
  11. Just need to register your name with someone like Go Daddy. If the name is available you pay them a few dollars pre year. Then you just point the url at the blog url, there are tools to do this at Go Daddy and others takes just a few minutes to set up. And you won't be able to use a domain with a . in it. And edit out the domain you want in your post or someone could register it before you do in hopes to sell it to you.
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    My Project

    Many years ago I would run autocross (think they call it solo now) I learned three thing. You will never have enough money. Next a three day driving instruction course is worth more then all your car mods. And finally always have a second street car you will need it.
  13. Wow the old yellow dog is running on playstations. I'm downloading it now... got a dual 867 that has been collecting dust.
  14. You could also open the task manager to see if a process is using up cpu cycles, usually the first thing I do.
  15. In 2000 I was using Yellow Dog I think 1.1 on a 350Mhz imac. Then os x was released and good by Yellow Dog. Wonder if anyone is still updating the old dog.
  16. Using a AT&T cell card is fine because the cell signal is encrypted. Using a Wifi hotspot could be insecure even with a secure connection because of a man in the middle attack or if you have a easy password or have sharing enabled. Of course highly unlikely but you never know.
  17. Those will work but 25' means your going to need a long cables. And you will also need to get audio to the tv.
  18. I do find it interesting that Obama can try to get criminals into his cabinet and when called out he says he is sorry and he is a hero. But if any other leader does similar the jokes and name calling would be all over the media, Leno and letterman and CNN would have a field day. My guess is if Bush or even Clinton said sorry I made a mistake they would now be heros also.
  19. isteve

    My Project

    I had a fiero that the parking brake would sometime stick. I would carry a hammer with me just in case. Finally fixed it by buying a RX 7... actually that fixed a lot of little problems.
  20. It doesn't matter what their reported pay is it's all the perks. Steve Jobs makes $1 a year yet he is worth billions from stocks. If these people could "only" make half a million a year they would make it up in expense accounts and privet jets. But I don't know how I feel. If it wasn't for the bailout money I believe corporation should pay whatever they want and let the market decide. It does look like the market did decide, they lost and we give them a second chance. But on the other hand we also elected government officials to regulate the finical institutions and they failed. And we have p
  21. I think that tuner is to bring TV signal to your computer not send computer to TV. Is the TV and computer close to each other? You could get a VGA to TV converter. Or if you have a new tv, most come with either a VGA or DVI input. I don't think you need a really powerful computer my Apple TV is fairly slow spec-wise but does a great job with HD from hard drive, internet or streaming from itunes. I use to use my old ipod connect to my tv for video and that was more then acceptable quality.
  22. Seeing we're talking os x and terminal though I'd share this site of terminal tips.
  23. Dug this out of my big list of darwin commands, this use to get me into Super User from non admin account by su <admin name> sudo <command> password: <admin password> I haven't tried it in a long time because I have been running with just one account.
  24. Happy Birthday, hope you have a good one.
  25. Thanks Sultan, but I need a lot more candles then that. And thanks Bar5 and novi, I'm on my way to the local pub with friends... probably be feeling much older in the morning.