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  1. Thanks Liz and tictoc. Funny I don't feel any older.
  2. I'm not sure if doing nothing is the right thing but 600 million dollars to buy Federal employees new cars might not bet the answer either. Well maybe if they buy american cars I'd feel better.
  3. I just done shoveling there is a nice coat of ice on everything, including me.
  4. Come on Obama is president now this has to work. I know because all the hollywood superstars told me it would. Don't you know when you have no money the thing to do is to spend.
  5. Watching Weather Channel and it looks like some nasty weather in many parts of the country. Snow coming down pretty hard here and they tell me it's going to turn to freezing rain later. Anyone one else with bad weather?
  6. You can use multiple ipods with the same itunes in the same account but you have to rename the ipod when you first set it up.
  7. Here is the 1022 driver that mystically installs the 1020 driver maybe give it a try see if it works with the 1018.
  8. The 1018 is a windows only printer, you'll find that with a lot of HP printers that were originally built before the introduction of os x. I do IT for a school. We recently started buying Macbooks, our printers about 60 of them are HP Laser Jet 1020. I was able to find a 1022 driver that would somehow install a 1020 driver on the mac. I now keep it on a few flash drives so whenever a few new macs show up I do the install.
  9. Yes it's always good idea to do day to day task in a non-admin account. Also having multiple accounts will help if you ever need to do troubleshooting.
  10. Agree, but just to add even if you run as a administrator you will still get prompted to type your password to install.
  11. Been around 20° lately and expecting 8 to 10" of the white and fluffy stuff tomorrow. I better pick up some more gas for the snowthrower today.
  12. They're not allowed to do it that's why there's a big legal battle going on over this. They run about the same, in some benchmarks the non-apples are a little slower probably driver issues. Google Hackintosch. If you want to keep up with all the Apple news subscribe to Mac OS Ken podcast or listen from his site.
  13. This is how things get better. The guy will release the hack then apple will make a fix. It's how things get better.
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    My Project

    Not having the correct proportioning valve can cause bad handling problems under braking. You want more braking in the front, when braking weight gets transferred to the front of the car lightening the back end. To much back brake can cause the back end to slide out. Of course most cars have bigger brake calipers and disk in the front and the valve just ensures that when you step on the brake pedal the correct amount of fluid goes to the brakes. Back brakes usually need less fluid because of size. There is a fairly good chance that the proportions on your car now is not that far off. If you pl
  15. I'm not a Bush fan but neither am I a Obama supporter. I hope he does well but really think he is just s great politician with high hopes and empty promises. But the republicans didn't get us where we are by themselves the democrats are very much to blame especially for recent problems. Check out And to set things straight nobody voted Bush out, eight years is the limit for office. And McCain got 47 percent of the vote. For the record I didn't vote for McCain or Obama. Political threads are a bad idea.
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    My Project

    Winter milage can go down due to longer warm up times and if your car is running to cold it may stay in a warm up cycle (kind of like choke with a carburetor). Also if you change the air intake to a cool air system this may happen because you never get warm air from engine compartment. I would guess that may even get a little boost in horsepower in the cold dry air also.
  17. Love AC/DC, I seen them over a dozen times once with Bon singing.
  18. If your behind a router and your os is up to date there are only about three of the 90 threats to worry about. And if you don't open things you didn't download you pretty much don't have to worry about them either.
  19. Well tictoc5150 according my weather widget 10 is going to be the high today for us... I wish I would have bough a remote starter.
  20. We hit a few nights around -20° but it's a nice and warm 12° right now suppose to get up to 15° ... yaa.
  21. I would definitely replace XP with 7 also. XP is really starting to show it's age, well I actually been thinking that for a long time.
  22. I'm using 7 in a VirtualMachine on my Macbook right now. It does seem farily fast I also have a virtual XP open both working good. For me 7 is a better interface and much metter looking. In a lot of ways it remindes me of KDE and a little OS X
  23. Well your mac is seeing your dads pc but your dads pc is not sharing anything. He would need to setup a share folder or volume. Then you could log into the share. Can you access files on the mac from your pc? Oh do you like how the mac shows pc on the network as a monitor with a blue screen of death.
  24. Was playing with 7 this morning, it seems a lot like Vista just cleaned up a bit.
  25. I've been using Ubuntu on my work laptop for about a year now. It's been rock solid and I find it to be the best distro when it comes to having as little involvement from the user. It tells you when it needs updates and all it ask for is a password. It lets you install apps and utilities with out opening a terminal. It has plenty of support and a huge user community. When I first starting using Linux years ago it was just about the geek factor. But now it's more about getting work done without frustration. I may move to os x at work because they said they would get me a new Macbook this sprin