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  1. Yep is the NOD32 people.
  2. Many years ago I owned a Pontiac Fiero with the small V6. It had unbelievable rear traction but under power would not turn. Made for some scary moments when pulling out into traffic.
  3. I don't think it matters FWD RWD or 4WD when the brakes are applied they all slide the same. But my front engine RWD miata with Bridgestone blizzaks at all four conners is a absolute blast to drive in a few inchs of snow. Of course anything over 8" the miata becomes a snowplow so it sleeps most of the winter.
  4. ❅Spoke to soon snow rain sleet mix outside now. About a inch of slush on the ground so far.❅
  5. Meanwhile here in the northeast it's been raining all day and 38° right now. A few miles north of me everything is frozen.
  6. isteve

    My Project

    The Cherokee has some good heat also. I bought it as a $3200 winter vehicle and like it a lot better then I thought I would. And the straight 6 makes some great torque. I posting this pic of the jeep mainly because I wanted to see if my Microsoft live account will work as a easy picture server.
  7. isteve

    My Project

    I feel you pain. I got rid of my Ranger and picked up a 2001 Cherokee sport. It had a valve cover leak. So yesterday I decided to change the gasket and throw in some new plugs. When I started working on it the temp was about 45 within a hour it was in the 30's and shortly after it started to snow.
  8. I don't think internet tv is ready for the normal tv viewer right now. I have a apple tv that does a great job if you don't mind paying per show or finding or converting video. It also great for Video Podcast most now are HD. I hacked my Apple TV and installed Boxee. It is unbelievable thousands of tv shows new and old and movies all free (so far still a alpha) I'm watching Dilbert right now and watched Barney Miller earlier. This week Joost came to the iphone/ipod touch. Put it on my ipod and am blown away on how it works. Not sure how practical but still blown away.
  9. There is only one attack affecting the Mac at this time. It is a trojan that changes your DNS settings, I'm pretty sure it doesn't work on a system that is up to date. If it is on a system it is very easy to get rid of with the free DNS removal tool from There was a few other proof of concept hacks in the wild but the attacker would need physical access to the computer and a password.
  10. Actually Apple has always advised users to use a anti-virus. A few years ago they even gave .mac users a copy of McAfee.
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    Big Bugger

    Wow thats one big squid. Do you know how long it is? According to discovery channel giant squid show I saw the longest ever found was 60ft. don't remember how much it weighed.
  12. I think the sheep thing is universal. A old friend from Arkansas use to say "Texas, where men are men and sheep are nervous."
  13. I downloaded it a few days ago to give it a try. It's easily the lightest weight and easy to use. I'm not much of a torrent user but I'm keeping it on my machine just in case I need it.
  14. That made me laugh and say ewe.. at the same time.
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    I've had a few jobs over the years and have come to the conclusion that most work places are modeled after "Dilbert" some places just have more Wally's.
  16. Try opening the programs in another account. If it works do a search in the main account for the microsoft plist files and toss them in the trash and open excel/powerpoint.
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    Bye-bye Sco

    If I remember Microsoft was financing the SCO lawsuit in hopes to slow the adoption of Linux or at least collect a license fee.
  18. I don't see it happening, maybe something new like a big iphone but not a $500 netbook. Even with a bad economy right now Apple is doing well with ipod, iphone and the new Macbooks no reason to spoil sales with a budget computer yet.
  19. isteve

    New Browser

    Have had Flock for almost a year now. I don't use it much. It is really cool if your into the whole social network thing. Keeps track of all your social sites logs you in let you easily post and crosspost and great if you have blog or many blogs. Works good on my iMac with the 20" screen but on my laptop it's way to cluttered.
  20. I sometimes think Movie studios go out of there way to look bad. There now is only one way to watch HD movies without DHCP and that is to steal them. I personally don't care I don't watch much movies don't plan on ever getting blueray and if I want a itunes HD movie I have a Apple TV that has the HDMI out.
  21. Thanks for the info. I remember a while ago there was talk of AMD and NVIDA merging. Then reading about them merging with a graphics processor maker. I'm sure I knew it was ATI, maybe just got a little confused by the corporate alphabet soup.
  22. I may be wrong but didn't AMD and NVIDIA merge earlier this year and doesn't Intel now own ATI?
  23. The Macbook is now Apples best selling computer of all time. Also they now come with NVIDA cards apple actually worked with NVIDA on the new mobile cards, they even held the announcement of the new cards until apple announced the new Macbooks. The Macbook Air has good sales they just announced a refresh.
  24. I would start with the obvious like plugging into a different outlet and if you have another power cord try that. Also make sure the cord is well connected to the mac some really need to be pushed in very firmly. The next would be the power supply they run about $100us for that model you could find one cheeper on ebay. But changing out parts until you find the problem could get expensive. You may even want to take it to a Apple store and get a estimate for repair.