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  1. I think my first thought is usually something along the lines of, "OH GAWD, why am I awake already?", usually followed by looking at the clock and re-asking. It seems the older I get, the less I sleep. I've been staying up for 24+ hours quite often lately and still only sleeping for 4 or 5 hours right after it...Sometimes I wish I could just sleep for a couple days straight.
  2. Heh, they might be onto something... Hell, right now I think I'd hand over my own mom for $250K....hell, I'd turn her in for $250 without the worm-writing abilties
  3. Is you? I was just wondering if it's like this for most of you guys (and gals). Since most of the regulars and some of the irregulars that come here, have at least some basic level of tech savvy-ness, do you find that you know no one IRL that can do what you can on PCs? I pretty much have to dumb down every tech related conversation I have with anyone for fear of their eyes glazing over, tilting their head like a dog, followed by the inevitable "huh". Or worst yet, when they humor you and have no idea what you're talking about. Self-admittedly, I don't have a huge circle of friends but the one
  4. I had the exact same thought when I first saw it....scrolled down and lmao that you said it.
  5. Since I didn't even really know about linux until maybe '04, most of those on the list were quite a few versions later. But if IRC, my first distro was RH (not sure what version), then Mandrake, then just played around with every other (deb, gentoo, slackware, blah blah blah) that I could manage to install until finally sticking with (X)ubuntu.
  6. Happy Birthday, Kid!!!!!
  7. Heh, Oh, no "round-about" about it, I'm a self-admitted nut. And to be honest, I came to the conclusion that women are nuts a long time ago....but it can still baffle me at times. The "particular example" in this case isn't really the fact that she initiated contact again (that part is only a little spooky to me now)...it's how aggressively she did so and started blowing up my phone with texts, like she wants to get to know me all over again via that method....eg. sending me an email and then texting to see if I read it while I was busy replying to it, and then expects me to keep texting whi
  8. OK, sorry for doing the super retro-bump but I thought I'd share this.... As you may have read my first post....She didn't end up calling me back until spring of '07...It was a very brief phone call and somewhat anti-climactic....Just the usual catch up stuff and told me she was pregnant with twins and she'd write me a letter and send pics, my curiosity was quenched and I moved on...but no letter ever came. I don't know why I googled her later in '07 but found the birth announcement...didn't send a congrats or anything. She left me a happy birthday message that year and then nothing in '08 Wel
  9. Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope it's a great one. and wow, blast from the past with the sig, Liz edit: I can't believe I still had the PSD for that...lol I'm guessing the light blue around the pic is from when the boards were default IPB blue and I tried to match it to the page. (click here for an updated version without unsightly blue border)
  10. 30 degrees and freezing rain after getting what looks like about 6-8".....yuck!!! Looking out the window right now and not liking the view one bit...considering I have to leave for work in a few hours and it appears they haven't plowed my parking lot for hours.
  11. Happy Birthday ...er...Belated that is Hope ya' had a great one
  12. lol...funny My kid is lucky he never did anything like that....'cause, make no mistake about, the picture would be plastered on a bunch of pages for all to see
  13. Well, a quick googling brought up a couple different ways...and these are just copy & pastes 'cause I'm lazy Step 1: Open the PPT or PPS file inside Microsoft Powerpoint and choose File -> Save As. Step 2: From the "Save As type" drop down, choose the Web Page format (*.htm, *.html). Type a file name and click save. Step 3. Open the file folder where you saved the Presentation as HTML and there you'll see another subfolder with the same name that should contain all files embedded in the .pps. If it's a .wav (as it should be), you could use something like this (cnet | download.com) or
  14. Iwas gonna reply yesterday but thought I was probably off the mark as I have no experience with this but...what I get from the post is you're looking for something like this...or maybe even this since it's somewhere in your part of the world. http://www.ubuntugeek.com/bpalogin-login-c...le-network.html once again, probably wrong but hope it helps