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  1. globallogos


    ok. i think i'll be willing to try it out :-)
  2. and what song is that matt? i have the same thought with you! are we in the same bed? hahaha
  3. nice ideas. now i see what makes it comic.
  4. i think you can't get a good logo for free. if you want a good logo, you really have to invest with a good amount of money.
  5. im listening to dimmu borgir's the serpentine offering and incubus' love hurts.
  6. globallogos


    maybe i can manage that. how long have you been using avast? maybe i'll try it, if it works for millions of users then i'd be willing to try it out
  7. what's the first thing that you ever think about first thing in the morning?
  8. globallogos


    i've tried avast and i didn't really like it
  9. Obama still has enough days to prove he's different from those past lousy presidents
  10. great work, me too, love the photos and thinking which to save and use..lolz
  11. Wow, nice share , i love this page
  12. post your favorite metal bands here and let's show off that horns!
  13. hi. im into graphic design and i'd be glad to hang around with you guys and do some fun brainstorming
  14. why mac book hard disk gets easily in trouble ?? is this true? mine just hang up. when i restarted it doesn't work anymore with only white light on the screen. ? i need to know how it happened and how to avoid this. Because buying a new hard disk is expensive for me. thanks.