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  1. Just downloaded it, was a little slow took about 20 minutes. Going to install later today.
  2. Having a hard time getting a download, maybe I wait a day or two.
  3. "true HDMI DOES carry sound, BUT DVI does not...thought you should know." Of course not,never thought it did. But if you have a line in on the DVI to HDMI adapter you can just plug you computer audio into the adapter then the HDMI into the tv will carry both A/V.
  4. Many years ago I worked for a company that made ultra high end lamps made of brass and copper with stained glass shades. Actually we were called artisans they even made us sign our lamps. My coworkers and I once made a lamp with one of every part in our parts bin. After a year or so of building and rebuilding we had 18 lights 9 switches and it looked a little like a tree. I think I may have pictures.
  5. HDMI carries audio so your DVI to HDMI may have a audio input.
  6. Ten years from now toyota and honda will be loosing the canoe race to the chinese.
  7. Back in the early 80's maybe even the late 70's I use to watch a PBS show hosted by guy named David Stringer. At the end of the show he would make a lamp out of strange items. Well after reading this topic it reminded me of the show. So I did some googleing and I love the internet.
  8. I'm running 8.04 on a pentium M laptop thats a few years old. I had a hard time installing until I reformatted the drive. I was also happy to find setting up the broadcom wireless is no longer a huge pain in the bottom. I've been using the laptop for work so I'm not sure I'm going to jump right into 8.1... ok maybe I will.
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    Read Kind of ironic.
  10. I had a bread machine quite a few years ago. It starts with your basic onion bread and soon becomes things like pepperoni bread.
  11. You can get imovie HD 6 download here.
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    My Project

    Two masters within a year, are you sure it's not the slave this time. A lot of times it's because there is crap in the fluid if you don't get it all out they wear out pretty fast. Make sure you bleed all the old fluid out.
  13. Remember that skit well nailed the "90" music scene perfectly. Thanks to itunes genius I'm listening to A Fine Frenzy don't ever remember putting them in itunes.
  14. I'm listening to Pearl Jam, Daughters playing right now. And is just called "Jeremy" and he spoke in not broken.
  15. If you watched any of the Olympics online this year you probably were using silverlight. I think it's Microsoft first step in to a cloud computing platform.
  16. I've been lovin' the new genius feature in itunes 8. Makes playlist of things I haven't listen in a long time. Fiona Apple, Mazzy Star, Jimmy Eats World, Matchbox Twenty.
  17. hitest, for os x try webkit it's part of what makes chrome quick. Looks and works like Safari but faster.
  18. Thats exactly the reason why we Mac users keep our icons in a dock.
  19. I's a shame you had to pay for it from a squatter better you to get it then someone else.
  20. You can't sync with more then one computer without a hack or software. A google search for "sync iphone with two computers" should find a solution. But seeing that itunes 8 just got released you may want to wait to find out if the methods still are working reliably.
  21. I think with a little CSS knowledge you could use something like wordpress to make a very customize and professional looking website. Even if your end game is to do more with a site, a blog is a very good place to start while gaining knowledge. I think with your knowledge CMS's, learning CSS and maybe Flash might be a good starting place.
  22. What bluetooth device are you trying to connect to? Are you sure you need Bluetooth and not WI FI 802.11?
  23. I remember when I realized I was old. Cadillac commercial featuring Zeppelins Rock & Roll.