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  1. With the right media coverage this guy could make a killing. Wonder if he has a website.
  2. Hows it feel to not be a teenager anymore.
  3. Good old Bobby Tables. The best thing about itunes update for me was the the minimize button went back to toggling the mini player.
  4. I don't think Miller ever said windows was safer then os x but it sure makes better headlines.
  5. I do think apple marketing does flaunt the Mac security a little to much. But the truth is that there are still no viruses or spyware effecting os x. Charlie has found and published many flaws with os x but no one has been able to infect os x without physical access to the computer. The only real exploit that was in the wild. DNS changer trojan was fixed shortly after being found and although the trojan could change the DNS hackers were not able to do anything with the exploit other then crash safari.
  6. Scanshop doesn't come installed from Apple. It had to be installed by a vendor or part of a printer/scanner software package. Some vendors will bundle printers or cameras when they sell a mac and install software and driver packages to make it simple for their customers.
  7. I never heard of Scanshop but what I get from google is that it may be scanner software. The name does imply scanner photo manipulation of some sort. It could also be a component from a scanner/printer/fax software bundle.
  8. Just to let you know Apple is suppose to release new ipod's today. May be worth it keeping a eye on what they're up to.
  9. Why do people always say what's the difference "Bush, Cheney, Clinton.... did it". If it was wrong before it's just as wrong now, or has something changed.
  10. I did three machines, one crashed during the upgrade. It then rebooted itself and continued right from where it crashed. All work great the finder, safari, spotlight all run noticeably quicker. I love the new services been writing automator actions to it for everything. I also like the new quicktime and the screen-capture. If you bring up the activity monitor you can see what apps are running 64 bit.
  11. Over the summer there were crews of 6 going around putting up signs. The signs said something about future construction and being paid for with stimulus dollars. When the construction would start the 6 person crew would return and change the signs to, this construction is paid for by stimulus dollars.
  12. So lets say the president wasn't really elected (most people know better) but does that make it right for King Kennedy to rewrite rules so he can appoint a new senator with out any election. Well maybe it does in our new socialism.
  13. As soon as apple announced the keynote event the intertube rumors were flying. Yea, I like steve the snow leopard... good for a few weeks anyway. Oh rumor is snow leopard coming next friday.
  14. Also another security update today that fixes a problem with a Unix utility that caused a DNS vulnerability. And a recent Airport update for some macbooks and macbook pros. 10.6 is Gold Mater so there's probably going to be more updates to tighten up 10.5 security and make things compatible with future software.
  15. It may not be a great success but I think it will be adopted much more quickly then vista. It will come on most new netbooks, laptops and towers and most people think it is better then vista and XP. Of course the majority of pc buyers just care about surfing and how cheap it cost.
  16. Anyone that has been reading forums on the internet for any length of time should be able to read that.
  17. Could be the opposite, it's not unusual for batteries to get hotter when charging as they near end of life. This especially happen when some cells are dead and the better ones have to work harder.
  18. isteve

    Tech Support

    LOL... It's only funny because we can all relate. Good one!
  19. Over the weekend two rumors of ipod video/still cam. First was a picture of a new ipod touch case with a port for the camera lens like on the iphone 3gs, no biggie companies probably design prototypes just in case. And second reports of Apple ordering a lot more camera components.
  20. Love the streaming video. I got to catch Ani DiFranco she use to play near where I live all the time, haven't heard her stuff in maybe 15 years.
  21. I kind of though it would be a firmware update seeing that they use the same chip set.
  22. Blim the level is just a free app, works on all iphones and ipod touch. Out of all the apps on my ipod that one seems to impress people the most. irregularjoe, my local DMV had lines marked A B C 1 2. I always wondered if they lost the D E signs or can't count to 5.
  23. I saw that also. These things need a new category name they are slowly becoming mobil computers and not just a phone or even a smartphone.