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  1. HOLY CRAP someone that knows of Paramore. I don't listen to them but the previous owner of my car was their bass player Not a huge fan of Paramore but a couple of their tunes are pretty catchy.
  2. isteve

    A_z Of Tv Shows

    I've seen Full Metal Alchemist on adult swim. J-Joan of Arcadia
  3. I still have a Sabbath Bloody Sabbath concert-T I think I got when I was 11. Yes a 11 year old at a sabbath concert. Paramore and Trapt
  4. isteve

    A_z Of Tv Shows

    H- Happy Days HondaBoy and Carnevil, What cable company do you guys subscribe to?
  5. Sergey Brin, when asked about the Mac version.
  6. I'm a big google docs user and it does seem faster working with spreadsheets (big deal). I think the best things about Chrome haven't happened yet google has something up there sleeve.
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    A_z Of Tv Shows

    E- Everyone tolerates Loves Raymond
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    A_z Of Tv Shows

    Y - Yes, Dear We should do this with favorite software titles next.
  9. I used it a little today. It's not bad still beta so I'm sure it'll get better. Not sure it will ever be my browser of choice but you never know.
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    A_z Of Tv Shows

    Zoom only one I can think of.
  11. All you need is a wireless router. Connect server and workstations either by ethernet to LAN port or wifi. Create a network and then just setup sharing.
  12. Thats how it supposed to work but if there is a new hole or unpatched hole in the OS or browser then a script could be run without the users knowledge. The script can have the same privileges as the user so if your administrator you screwed.
  13. Clicking on a link can indeed infect any computer. Browsers especially IE can run Active X and Java scripts and lots of plugins that can install programs without your knowledge. Of course there are steps you can do to help keep this from happening. First don't run as administrator, not so easy with XP much better with Vista or OS X, Keep your system and apps up to date and be careful on what links you click on or at least turn off scripting when doing risky surfing.
  14. Thats a SATA notebook drive. Should just slide into a SATA connector and work. Are you having a specific problem with it?
  15. We had a tornado warning earlier today, funnel clouds were spotted and few towns away. We now have a thunder storm warning in affect with possible hail. I thought this was funny the warning from the national weather service ends with a few tips to stay safe. The last one was "stay away from windows". I'm guessing it's the glass ones not the Microsoft kind.
  16. Wow 3000, now if someone could help with his question we would have something.
  17. Around 4pm today we got a huge storm blow through. In the matter of 15 minutes we went from sunny sky to some of the heaviest rain I ever seen and some wind gust that knocked down trees all over town then to sunny sky again. Of course the electricity went out for 5 hours. I took a walk around and found a big pine in my yard was knocked over. The local news truck was at the end of my street where four maples were knocked over onto a apartment house. Around the conner there were trees down and power lines down and a telephone pole broke in half.
  18. Shure makes a transformer (A96F) to connect XLR mics to 1/8" plug that work with most DV cams. This will let you connect pretty much any pro mic directly to the camera. I don't have any practical experience with micing for a movie. I do have several mic from playing in bands and home recording. Condenser mics work good for capturing everything in the room so may want to start there. Seeing a condenser mic need power best to get one with onboard power (batteries). May be best to do some research at the big manufactures sites like Shure, AKG, Audio Technica and Beyer to get a idea of what will
  19. What are you capturing the sound on and are you going through a mixer? Or do you plan on going mic to camera?
  20. Nice clean look, like the gray.
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    My Project

    So Honda_Boy do you drag race or auto-cross?
  22. I had a 1984 toyota 4X4 pickup. Around 1990 I was driving and the spare tire fell off, when I went to pick it up I realized the whole crossmember had rusted off. Turned out the whole frame was getting pretty rusty and a year later the frame folded in half. The fact that you have a 36 year old car that can still be worked on say something. Is it a Maverick Grabber?
  23. I believe the REO speedwagon Logo of the band was taken from the car company. When I was very young the local fire dept. had a REO fire truck that they would drive in parades. Got some Marcy Playground playing right now.