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  1. Cool didn't know they were adding the sandboxing. I think most people think apple os engineers only work on pretty interfaces. Does anyone know if Apple has decided to use ZFS on all the mac lineup or just the servers? Hey, apple just now distributed their one billionth app on the app store.
  2. There is a reason Kid Rock sounds like everyone else he samples their music. Kid Rock is a smart guy and knows what sells he picks a hot style country, classic rock, hip hop, grunge and makes something to please everyone.
  3. In theory if your running windows Vista with all it's updates and have good spyware, antivirus running. You would be just as safe using os x (with updates) out of the box. Unless on either machine you download something bad and install it. Same with Linux. In the next week or so os x 10.5.7 will be out with a lot of bug fixes and this summer 10.6 will be available. 10.6 is a new os written just for intel Macs that should mean old security bugs fixed and new ones to find. If anyone has the os x botnet trojan (estimated at less then a 1000 machines) you can get a free removal tool at Secure Mac
  4. Well as long as Operating Systems can be user modified there will be exploits no matter what platform. But if we're keeping score I think windows has 70000+ to os x's 7 + or - a few. Of course on a fully up to date system it's more like 1100 to 1. And this is how they decide that windows is safer because more bugs have been patched on Windows then Mac. And on both systems downloading and installing is the biggest vector for delivery. So user ignorance is a big factor.
  5. I think people are surprised because there are no viruses for Mac in the wild. There have been proof of concept trojans and a DNS changer. Most, like this new trojan has to be downloaded and installed by user with a admin password. I believe this trojan can also be found in pirated copies of iLife 09 and Photoshop. And Hitest is correct the box version is fine.
  6. I Like Disturbed and Maroon 5. Not a fan of the J-rock, pop or whatever it's called. It all sounds like if Paul Shaffer joined a 80's hair metal band with a singer from a early Bond movie. Of course to each his own. I like the newest Slipknot cd so what do I know.
  7. There is a app called Monolingual that will remove languages. Also try app cleaner for removing apps completely. But be very careful removing fonts if you remove a font that some program uses that program may not work anymore. I usually do a custom install when I get a new machine. But hard drives are so big now a few hundred Mb really don't make much of a difference.
  8. Good find, I have Perian on my macs and never even knew it did the dolby 5.1.
  9. I don't know much about multi channel out I did have a M-Audio 7.1 card in my old G4 that came with 7.1 driver and a codec pack. I think what you need is a quicktime plugin that can decode the type of 5.1 audio that your dvd use. Maybe the AC-3 plugin.
  10. Do a spotlight search for Audio Midi you will get the Audio Midi Setup utility. Check the properties for output, speaker configuration. And Taskbar = Menubar, Control panel=System Preferences.
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    My Project

    From where your sitting it may look like the laptop was the wrong gift but from this side I think your nuts. I mean a brand new laptop for you and your dad gets your old one, win win. Shocks on a old honda.. I know right now the honda seems like your life but you can add shocks anytime and you probably won't notice much difference. And you will have plenty of cars in your future I'm sure much better then your Honda. So be a good son, thank your dad for the laptop give him your old laptop. There are people with much bigger problems then getting a laptop for there birthday.
  12. Audio preferences are in system preferences / sound. I use optical out on my imac and a quick look in the audio/midi setup utility it shows 5.1 and 7.1 in the speaker configuration. Of course they are not accessible because I don't have a 5.1 system. But I also think you would need a 5.1 quicktime plug in or some kind os AC-3 decoder.
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    My Project

    I do a ridiculous amount of online shopping. I got to say that I have had great experiences with big stores like Amazon and Musicians Friend and small places like Moss Motors and OWC. I think service makes the difference no matter how large or small online or walk in. I don't know if any of you have bought from Apple but everything from buying a ipod touch app on itunes to their Apple store is a study in efficiency. I recently bought the new ipod shuffle, I walked into the Apple store the girl at the door ask if I needed anything. I told her I wanted the silver shuffle, in seconds she hands m
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    Online Banking

    I do all my online buying and bill paying with paypal. I hate using them but they seem to be everywhere. They also have a authentication key that I've been using for a little over a year now.
  15. System Crash (Kernel Panic) on os x machine is almost always hardware related. You could run the Apple Hardware Test that came on your system install DVD. I'm guessing that you're also pushing the limits of your hard drive. With only 256mb RAM my guess is that itunes is pretty much running from virtual memory. If you have a song or two that may be corrupt and being added to your shuffle this could be the cause of the error. I would definitely back up your data and start with repairing permissions and run disk utility to fix any errors. Maybe even use something like onyx or applejack. Also mak
  16. I believe burn in is much less of a problem in the last several years mainly because of manufacturing techniques and TV stations no longer using blacks or bright whites for logos.
  17. Not really a new species... I think you can find them in just about any part of the world.
  18. FBI investigations, tax evasion, advisors with questionable past, record spending... Well he promised change.
  19. Wow, just got done changing the oil in my Cherokee. Next week the Miata.
  20. What kind f install CD is it a windows retail disk or did it come with your computer?
  21. Get a small length of ethernet cable, plug the ethernet from the modem to the router then the router to your mums computer. Enable wireless on your laptop, should all work. Then set up the wireless security on the router with a good password, do this from the desktop. Next time you use your laptop it will ask for the password. Your now good to go.
  22. I suppose you could try just right clicking on the song in itunes > Get Info > Info tab and change the name of the album.
  23. It was 64 and beautiful yesterday... today Snow! Sleet! Freezing Rain! and now more SNOW!
  24. My prediction is March 24th. Rumors were that apple has a event planned for the 24th some think new iphone I was thinking because the mac lineup got updated this past tuesday might as well have a new os tuned to work best with the new hardware. Now that I think about it the Jobsmister is suppose to return in June what better way then announce a new OS.