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  1. It´s good, the quote for the walmart link says it will connect to both, I was just wondering if they were the same or not, that´s all. I´m purchasing the one from wallmart as it will help me extract files from a laptop hard drive or a desktop hard drive and I think that´s a tool that comes in handy when you least expect it.
  2. Thanks a lot for the replies everyone 1 last rookie question, is the IDE/PATA connector of a laptop hard drive the same as the IDE/PATA connector of a desktop hard drive?
  3. Hello everyone, it´s been a while since I made this thread. I started with Jcreator (Java) in order to get my feet wet and bought myself a copy of java for dummies in order to guide me as a first timer on this. Though a bit slow due to other obligations I´ve managed to do some simple things and I´m looking forward to keep learning this as a hobby. I would welcome any other suggestions that you may have for this coding noob. Thank you all for your advice
  4. One hard drive is an ATA/IDE from an old Thinkpad P4 laptop, the other is from an HP Pavilion dv4-1435dx it was really sad to see this last one fail it had a problem with the screen after a year which was past its warranty, and although the computer seems to power on just fine, it´s impossible to see or distinguish anything at all within those random color waves.
  5. I have a couple of Laptop Hard Drives from where I need to extract my stuff (my laptop died so I cannot use a USB flash drive to get them) and I was wondering if anyone here would have recommendations for a Laptop Hard Drive Adaptor Kit to do this job.
  6. I thought there would be a problem since the standard memory for the motherboard is DDR3 and the other one is a GDDR2 PCI video card
  7. A friend of mine is selling me this motherboard at a very affordable price: and I have this old PCI video card: I was wondering if I could put them together to build a desktop computer since the motherboard has no onboard video.
  8. What software would you recommend for this task? (whether free or paid) I plan to combine at least 3 videos into 1, edit and eliminate some parts from one of them and then combine it with the other 2 videos.
  9. I think you guys may have been right on the power supply thing, it doesn't even turn on now. I tried it turn it on one more time to see if I could check the brand of hard drive on the bios, and it started to take a while to even show the intel logo, so I pressed the power button again to turn it off, and when I pressed it back to turn it back on, it went dead it doesn't even turn on now I'm going to bed, I'll check back tomorrow.
  10. My boot start up menu is configured as: CD/DVD Drive Floppy Drive Hard Drive but int the boot menu the hard drive appears as "none"
  11. This morning when I turned on the machine I got an error that says: "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER" I got the recovery disk and proceed it to insert it and while it seemed to start loading it suddenly stopped and gave me this message instead: "Cannot find hard drive" "Confirm if hard drive is correctly connected" I proceeded to open the case and check the cables and connections from and to the hard disks and everything seemed to be fine, after this I decided to try a tool such as winternals and see if it would load at all, which it did, however in the "my computer" opti
  12. Thx a lot for replying shanenin, my mistake for not explaining myself better, but I have actually gone through the steps of going to network connections >> local area connection >> an so on until reaching the option "Obtain an IP address automatically" then restarting my computer. My provider is not verizon but earthlink instead. I thought about trying it on my own, and change this router from PPPOE to DHCP as well, since after doing that as you suggested the last time the router I had problems with started to work, and it's still up until now. This router than I'm trying to setup
  13. Bump I'm trying the guidelines provided here on another WRTG4 router that I found, I manage to enter to the router page and change the settings to DCHP but although it says it was successful it doesn't connect to the web. Anyone has an idea what else could be the problem?
  14. Like so many people I use delicious for my bookmarks, but because of this I've been forced to stay in an older version of Firefox since the delicious add-on has bugs for the 3.0 version. Over time I have accumulated so many bookmarks that I don't want to lose them, which prompts me to make a few questions: Does anyone currently using the latest version of Firefox know by any chance if the bugs for that add-on were already fixed? Do you think there's actually a better service similar to delicious on the web? Does anyone have experience with one? and if so, is it possible to migrate all your de
  15. I don't plan to stream video from cable service to a computer. I want to be able to display any video from the computer to the tv, including local video from the hard drive, hulu videos and youtube videos.