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  1. That is correct, you must use IE
  2. ok, it's been a long time coming, but here are the photos of my desktop: Larger photo can be viewed Here. And yes, that Wallpaper is from our very own ARACHNID spider. My Trillian Skin: Larger Photo can be viewed Here And now.....finally the photos I've been promising for almost a month now.......the photos of my new PC!!!! Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5
  3. BD, my friend who sent that to me mentioned the same thing marko_thomas, that's what I said.
  4. Well I hate to tell you this, but when this was my issue, I NEVER got the information of the was gone....cablooie
  5. Hehehe.....thought you all would get just as much of a laugh out of this one as I did... Microsoft Warns of Lawsuits over Linux
  6. How about uninstalling the CD-rom drive, then re-installing it? (like uninstalling the drivers, and reinstalling the most up to date ones.)
  7. To make a link such as THIS in an email, you would want to use the following HTML code (but remember to replace the site location to the url of the one you want, and the "Click Here" with the text you want the link to say. <a href="">CLICK HERE</a>
  8. Hey Sethook, Yes he did try that already. That's mentioned in his original post.
  9. EXCELLENT! Thanks! I've been looking for a way to use Firefox on my pc at the college since they won't allow me to install anything.
  10. to check that the HD is spinning, you'll just have to listen very closely to see if you hear it spinning up. By "wiping" the hard drive, I mean using a program such as Active Killdisk to completely wipe off any information from the hard drive. I know it sounds dumb, but trust me, it's worth a shot. It's how I fixed a similar issue with my IDE HD, and how someone was able to fix another issue with their SATA drive. Let me know if that works for you.
  11. hey, Tyme! I'm hanging in there. It's been a rough semester so far. I'm really looking forward to the end. Care to share what that third party program was in case someone else has a question similar?
  12. ok, since I"m not too sure what youve already done, please bear with me. What drivers did you load? Where they the most up to date? The hard drive may just need to be wiped. (even if it is brand new) Did the seagate come with a floppy or disk for wiping the hard drive or anything? if so, Use that to completely wipe the drive, then try installing windows again. Make sure that the drive is spinning up.
  13. Need more information Dragon Slayer... What SATA Hard Drive? What Motherboard? what SATA Controllers?
  14. *tsk tsk* Tyme, what have we told you about playing with the registry? It's not a toy. LOL Before ever making any changes in the registry, please remember to make a backup of it in case you have any problems.
  15. Dang TG! You're right! I keep forgetting about that too!
  16. yes, go in to Start --> Control Panel --> User Accounts --> Change An Account Select the User account you want to change the name for and do so.
  17. Don't know for sure, but if you just call microsoft and let them know that you had to reformat, and reinstall, you should either be able to continue to use that key, or they'll give you a new one to use.
  18. hey, give us links once you do have them up, I might be interested in purchasing something.
  19. Heh....if anyone wants to download that flying mower video, you can do so, HERE. I did a quick search for it so I can show friends who are unlucky enough to have dial-up, or no net at all.
  20. No matter how much protection you use, there's ALWAYS a chance for infection.
  21. You should be able to just reformat after you get the drive connected inside.
  22. I agree. I couldn't really find much information on those drives, and I've never heard of them before.
  23. Congrats! There's gonna be a little tictoc running among us before we know it!