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  1. Thank's for a reply, I left my E-mail add. for the Oct. release. jimmy
  2. Went to "linux for Laptop's" and it say's for the A20M "Generic" ? what does that mean ? I was thinking about Ubuntu but don't know which way to go. Laptop, A20M, 700mhz, 9Gb HDD, presently Win. 2K. Nothing serious just E-Mail, browsing, experimenting. Any suggestion's ? jimmy Well couldn't wait for Ubunto 5.1 so went ahead with 5.04. It couldn't mount the CD-ROM and the Live CD wouldn't load. Switched to a Toshiba Tecra 8100 and after 3 diff. CD-Rom's the install loaded and I'm now running Ubuntu 5.04. It's pretty neat really, although I've just begin exploring so far. Will try to get the wir
  3. Well after a few impedement's I managed to reformat 8 HDD's. Four other's werent reconized by the sys. So thank's to you guy's support the effort was well worthwhile. jimmy
  4. Thank's for the reply's and will get busy. A further ques. , when connected (as slave) will XP try to start setting up a dual boot sys. if the slave drive has on OS installed on it?? jimmyd
  5. Been away for awhile for various reasons and want to avail myself of some of the board expertice. I've wound up with about a dozen 2.5" HDD . toshiba-Hitachi-Seagate etc. The are in different condition. I have onhand, a 2.5 to std. HDD connector, Partition Magic, and Desktop with XP-Pro to try to get these HDD cleaned out and set-up to be usable. Is this a resonable indever or just a waste of time &effort ? If you have the time and interest I'd appreciate your input. Pls. consider I'm elderly and will require step by step inst. that I can print-out and refer to. Lastly Hello to anyone you
  6. Recieved an E-Mail, saying some one had a ques. on the XT926. Can't find the individual on the Forum so , I'll answer in the dark. Ques. was, Did you get XP on the Machine ? Ans. No but could have easily done it. I had 2k on it and a lot of program's installed and was to lazy to re-install all of them . So I left 2k on it and it run's great. If you want XP, put the HDD in another machine and start the install and shut down at the point the install want's to re-boot. Put the HDD back in the XT926 and re-install XP. Hope this help's. jimmyd P.S. Any ques. get back to me here
  7. Ran some test's last night, on the cooling. 1) duct work OFF, side cover OFF= Mobo=73 (F) CPU = 117/118 (F) ^118 under load. Aux. = 73 (F) HDD = 79 (F) 2) duct work ON, sidecovers ON= MOBO=73 (F) CPU = 109/113 (F) ^to 113 under load. Aux. = 72 (F) HDD = 84 (F) Both Fan's inc/dec by about 200rpm to maintain the temp, depending on the CPU activity. Are these CPU temp's pretty normal for an AMD CPU ??? jimmy
  8. Dave , thank's for some good info. I'll double ck. everything , I'm guessing the fan blowing in is to do as you suggest " not cause Neg. pressure". Looking at it closer , it appears that some of the air being ducted also is applied to the chip-set. So that mean's that , I'd better leave it alone. jimmyd
  9. Well got an extra 256MB of Ram in it and added a few program's & utilitys. It's running good and guess that about finishes it up. Not going to use the Video card i've got coming, will just leave it on the onboard vid. ( it's pretty good ). The only thing I'm not happy with is the "cooling". The machine has a fan on the CPU ofcourse and the PSU. The cooling fan on the rear of the unit blow's in and has duct work directing the air on the CPU. So that leaves NO exhaust fan (except PSU) to get the hot air out ??? Got a couple of fan's but can't find any where to put one . I've never seen t
  10. Hi , got the Video drivers and it starting to come together. Found the Driver's at "Drivers.com". Sure look a lot better. jimmyd
  11. Well still no Ram ( another stick supposedly on the way). also no luck on Video driver's. Guess I'll try a video card, and see if that will work. Trying not to get to much tied up in this project but I'm lazy at the same time LOL. Until next time, jimmyd
  12. I like that, I've been having those DAY's pretty regular. jimmyd
  13. Hi,again. Got the Audio Driver from MS ,last night. Found Video Driver but havent been able to d/l it yet. I'll prob. need a BIOS update also and am looking for that for XP install. jimmyd
  14. Got a project I'm working on and would like to have some HP owner's input's. Really anyone's for that matter. 1st. off the MOBO is A7V-ML (rev. 1.08) , HP say's it's a Lanai MOBO. Has anyone heard of Lanai? Googled it and found nothing much. 2nd, Audio is said to be "AC97". I need Driver's for it for Win. 2K. There not avail on the HP site? I'll bring this project up now and then if it generate's any interest. jimmyd