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  1. Everything I've read states you should NOT set the max connection speed to 115200... Thats a Port speed, not a usable modem speed... Use a speed just under/over what the max speed of the connection is.
  2. If you're running XP... just send it to a commpressed folder, then add a password through the FILE pull-down tab... No good for super sensitive stuff... just good enough for casual anti/snooper..
  3. Am I alone in having probs w/this combo?
  4. Whoa man... I think I'm havin a sensory overload Dude! Thanks TK
  5. I hope that your 1918 Maxwell is still in fine running condition, Mr. Benny.
  6. I wonder if the sys determines windows is fake, will it crash your computer?
  7. Athalon 900Mghz Via Chipset XP2 OK.... I'm having a prob getting the software that came with a Liteon SOHW-812S to install.... The face of the Sonic MyDVD app install disc says.... "Warning" For Windows 2000 and XP users, please uninstall Intel Apllication Accelerator (IAA) driver (if installed) before install of MyDVD Media Suite to prevent software conflict between IAA and Sonic DLA........ I've run a search here for relevant topics... and can't find the IAA file on my sys.... any thoughts....? The software will NOT install without giving me errors... frozen install app, and
  8. ... "...I logged in under the gaming account, made the proper changes, and rebooted. " Did you log in as admin on the game account?
  9. I sure hope you have a good firewall, and Virus/Trojan apps on board..... If your friend still wants to use KaZZa, create a folder on a seperate partition than the OS... ie; Drive_D The point is to isolate whatever folder she uses from the rest of the system... Try this free app to create a new partition. free trial You may want to run some apps to catch any malware there too: works great! and, check for updates often! >>>>>># Edited for spelling # <<<<<<
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    And here's one from the peanut gallery
  11. Ummm... this may sound dumb, but, Ctrl-C won't work on my 'puter either... What operating system are you using? XP, ME, '98.......oops! '98 has no System Restore. What other shortcuts are missing... are they *Hotkeys* Found somthing that my be usefull... Kudos to JSKY Hotlinking Keyboards
  12. Try this: XP2 on CD Many problems seem to happen w/downloaded version.... MS sent my copy of XP2 within a week!
  13. ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ Hey.... What's wrong w/CCleaner? Works fine for me in conjunction w/MRU Blaster: I choose privacy