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  1. I've already had to take both of those before, so it wouldn't be anything new to me....LOL
  2. Nerelda


    Music (listening to and composing) Poetry (reading and writing) Darkon Computers Reading Just to name a few...
  3. welll.....I'll take some of those pain meds.....
  4. LOL in my UT2K4 vid, my professor thought your name was SNAKE and not SNAXE
  5. What programs did you use for the cleanup?
  6. If I can ever get enough junk to put back into my old box and install Linux again, these sites will come in handy. Thanks.
  7. Nerelda


    Ok, I FINALLY got the full version of the game! YAY! How about for those who play online, share your names, so maybe we can all play together sometime? Mine's's Nerelda. LOL
  8. WOOHOO! I'm all for that consequence!
  9. Agreed. I personally am not a fan of those since they cause so much trouble. I think it would be good if those were banned from here so we can keep things as quiet as possible, but it's not my call.
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I've been out all day, shopping in celebration!
  11. hehe.....and a happy one to you and all as well!
  12. If it makes you feel any better, I didn't make mine. The sig I have was made by a friend.
  13. Scandisk is fine when checking for disk errors, but not for getting the files off the disk.
  14. Thanks to both of you! I couldn't find anything with my google searches which is why I asked for help. Tictoc, that $40 black friday price at Staples is the reason I'm looking into it.
  15. Are you telling me that out of all the people we have here, no one has any opinions about this company through experience, or at least even a place where I can read reviews on it?
  16. Just checked and no updates were listed for me.
  17. Hey Gang, could anyone give me any information on this drive? I'm not concerned with the price, or any other drive. I just want information on the quality of the drive I'm asking about. Thanks
  18. Thanks! I'll get it tonight when I get home.
  19. Where did your friend get their computer? Perhaps they should contact that company.
  20. MISSY! I think they covered all the grounds, but I just wantedt o say......LONG TIME NO SEE.
  21. BD and Roybro: I still have theose wallpapers, and they are actually all in rotation. I just couldn't leave the others out! I had that wallpaper in the screenshot, cause it looked really kick ass with the skind that I had just gotten for Winamp and Trillian. Tictoc: I don't have a linux partition cause I already did the research, and it would be too unstable. Linux isn't compatible enough with my new setup yet.
  22. Thanks! Specs: Raid Max Scorpio 868 PC case Asus K8V-X Motherboard 420 watt Power supply AMD 64 2800+ 1.8gig processor 1 gig PC3200 RAM 80 gig HD - Windows XP 30 gig HD - Storage, but already full....LOL