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  1. NAH.....don't wanna kill Jeff's bandwidth
  2. with an installation of a browser, change your homepage to whatever you want it to be int he options. As for the bookmarks, just go to Bookmarks --> Manage Bookmarks File --> IMPORT Now find the html file labeled BOOKMARKS in you firefox folder on your Hard drive.
  3. This the error you are talking about? I get it a lot too... "Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. The error returned was: This score was not submitted from the game. Your score will not be saved."
  4. What do you mean by a "multifuntion" system? Curling Steve, it doesn't do anything with that. Sidekickcat - Good to see you again! refresh? Haven't tried it yet, but I will next time. I already looked for a setting for the windows to open within view, but didn't find anything. Monitor settings are all fine, no changes there. It can be ANY program that this happens it. It does it randomly. After the last restart, I haven't had anything act up again....yet. Don't care to do a system restore. I've done that before on the laptop when it was happening there, but nothing changed. Yes, XP has a repa
  5. Hey gang, I finally broke down and am asking for help. Basically my issue is that I've benn having some programs randomly open outside of my viewing area, and I cannot get to them to move them into view. I've done the "right-click on task bar - move" but I still can move them. (sometimes "maximize" isn't an option). I've done google searches, and I've checked out kelly's-korner but no luck. Any ideas here? It's getting frustrating! Windows XP Pro Examples of the latest programs doing this: calculator ad-aware SE UPDATE: Sometimes rebooting will fix it, but not always.
  6. Woot! Gonna get on the cam for me, BD? LOL
  7. LMAO that would explain the comments my friend was making to me last night...
  8. sounds to me like there couls possibly be some kind of program or something interfering... Update all your scanning programs, and run the spyware, malware, virus, and trojan scans. Also, check Windows updates to see if there could be an update you might be missing.
  9. no problem, Matt. Glad I could be of service. Do what you will with SP2.
  10. did you restart after doing that, then try to do a search again?
  11. hey matt, is this what you tried? goto Start>Run>type C:\Windows\inf look for a file called srchasst.inf right click it and click Install insert the XP CD when prompts and let it complete the installtion restart and now check ?? if same problem the boot into safemode and check for the problem there
  12. I made it to level 12 as well and only got a 4! *anger look*
  13. Agreed. I've tried both, but I liked the GIMP better.
  14. My boyfriend drinks a lot of mountain dew......that "rumor" isn't true in this case.
  15. Who's Gimpi? LOL Just kidding! Have a wonderful day!
  16. Congrats! I must say that the first one is my favorite!
  17. It's always nice when you see the colleges and universities get into the spirit.
  18. page wouldn't display properly for me either.
  19. Thanks a bunch for the heads up! I hadn't had a chance to look it it yet....luckily for me. I'll pass this on.