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  1. Thanks for your responses. I have managed to get rid of the blue folder on my desktop by downloading this The folder has now disapeared
  2. How can one get rid of this annoying sidebar on the desktop and how did it get there? XP home Thanks for any input
  3. Thanks for the input JD. tried that and he still gets the error message. I have had him scan with Avast, and also the online Panda scan, Spybot and Adaware.. Also a trojan scanner. When I tried to have him scan with his Norton System works it would not run properly. Just to check this out I am getting him to remove and then re-install the Norton System works. (he does not run Norton Antivirus) He runs Avast and Zone Alarm pro.
  4. Thanks for all your input folks. I have had him set all of his security settings exactly as mine are set (my computer opens Google maps fine) but it still gives him the Active X error message. He recently ran a spybot scan and he had a bit of spyware on his system but he also had a bunch of files that Spybot said it could not scan. He then went and deleted all of the files, (spyware and the ones that could not be scanned) I have told him to try recovering all those files and see if that will rectify his problem. If that doesn't work what do you think about a repair on IE6.
  5. A friend of mine has tried to access Google Maps and he gets an error report that he does not have Acrive X enabled - here is his email message When I tried to open Maps on Google, I got the message that it could not happen because I did not have active x on my browser. What happened to it and how can i get it back or re install it or download it. Harold I have had him check the settings in Security and he tells me all of his Active x are checked the same as mine. (I can get the maps) He is running windows 98 and I believe he is running explorer 6. any ideas would be most welcome thanks
  6. Thanks for your response Mikex. It just seemed odd that a Critical Update would be put in the startups and run from there. Never had a critical in MSCONFIG before. Bryan
  7. Thanks for your response The T. I like to use HTML. I use the free version of Avast and also use the free version of Zone Alarm. My resouces range from 75% to 80% so I think I will keep it as is for the moment unless it gives me problems. Yes I had noticed it in Ctl-Alt-Del. I was wondering if anyone had experienced any problems with it. Bryan
  8. Found KB891711 in my startup after downloading the latest Critical Update in my 98se from Microsoft. A Google search show this to be a running process from Microsoft. Some folks have been getting blues screens after downloading it. I had a blue screen when trying to shutdown last evening and considering that it has been many many months since that happened to me I felt it a bit coincidental. I also feel that the machine is running just a tad slower than before. Anyone else had this experience or anyone like to comment Bryan
  9. Just received an email that my server is now doing just what I was talking ablout. Here is a copy from the email I received. Shaw Secure is now included as part of your Shaw High-Speed Internet service. Thanks to customer feedback we have improved your Internet service and now offer the best protection for your PC. This service upgrade is available at no charge on up to 3 computers in your home. Shaw Secures complete security package includes: Anti-virus - stops viruses, worms, and Trojans from infecting your computer through email, web browsing, or infected floppy disks and CDs. Firewall -
  10. I often wonder why there is no comprehensive program on the market that protects our computers from all types of baddies. There are Anti -Virus, Spyware finders, trojan finders,Keylogger stoppers, Firewalls etc. It is possible to write programs to protect us from these threats why is it that no-one has come up with an all inclusive one instead of having to have separate programs for protection. Just wondering again Bryan
  11. Thank you for the clarification folks. That seems to clear it up Bryan
  12. Thanks Jsky, I figured that is what happens was not too sure whether it waited until you hit restore. It is important to know this when cleaning out ME and XP systems I guess. Thanks again for your responses Bryan
  13. Thanks again Jsky but yes I am still a little confused. I understand what you are saying but let us take this scenario:- I get a virus, I clean the virus by using say Panda inline scan but ommitted to close my restore system. I know the virus will come back because it is in the restore. Will it come back when I reboot the computer or when I use restore at some later date. Thanks for your response Bryan
  14. Thanks Jsky I understand what you are saying but that does not really satisy my curiosity. Does the virus reappear when you reboot your computer or does it wait until it is released by using that restore point. For example; if a virus was removed by a virus scan will the operating system remain clean if you never use the restore program again. This stems from discussion with a friend of mine. Bryan
  15. Just as a matter of interest. When a virus is present in a computer and a scan is done, it is neccessary to turn off restore otherwise the virus will return. Now, does the virus return the next time you reboot or does it only return when you use the restore program. Just interested Bryan