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  1. Yea cause at first setup was telling me to uninstall applications so I uninstalled drivers that belonged to alcohol 120 and other image burn software. Along with diskeeper and I disabled my antivirus. Everything I could possibly think of and setup then did allow me to continue with the install. So i dont know what to do right now i guess i will just wait.
  2. My PC had vista preinstalled...the thing is I dont want to do a fresh install that is my last resort. I will attempt to do the repair and see what happens...thanks.
  3. Yea I have vista ultimate and im trying to upgrade to windows 7 ultimate.
  4. Hello, I am trying to upgrade to windows 7 from vista. Installation goes fine until it reaches the "expanding" install. The setup gives me a message that windows is unable to successfully reboot. And it only allows me quit the upgrade setup and restart the whole process. I have disconnected my external hard drive. disabled antivirus, removed my video card ( I am having a separate issue with my video card? maybe its related?) and i have uninstalled all applications that would require a image drive. The Issue that Im having with my video card is that it shows up on the device manager, but when I
  5. no luck with the Combined Community Codec Pack. But in firefox tools>options>>content>file types am i suppose to have wmp, mpeg, avi associations listed? Because I only have adobe and shockwave flash listed. Does anyone have video files associated?
  6. ok well never mind...... I have no sound in firefox again for some reason.
  7. I fixed it! I basically uninstalled all codecs and video players, flash player, and cleaned the registery and installed Vista Codec package, adobe flash player and wmp firefox pluggin. It seemed like there was a conflict occuring with the media players. Thanks for the tips all!
  8. alright thanks for the replies, will try these tips when I get home.
  9. ive had VLC since basically ever....ill try reinstalling VLC, im just desperate to get this working!
  10. Hello all, For quite a while now I have had no sound in firefox while attempting to play embedded videos. I have sound while playing the same embedded video in IE7 but no sound in firefox. I have tried to reinstall wmp 11, shockwave player and vista codecs. I have no idea what could of caused this since it was quite a while ago that the sound went off.
  11. Hey all, Im currently in the process of backing up data so I can do a clean install of Vista. But I was wondering how I could back up my music play lists so they could work under Vista? I have backed up all of my music files to dvds, but Im just having trouble with the play lists. I use Media Monkey and I am able to export my playlists to .m3u. Now I have a dual boot with Vista, (for testing purposes) so when I try to play a .m3u playlist under Vista, windows media player tells me it cannot find the flies, even though I run the playlist in the same folder where my music files are located in.
  12. Yea thats the tutorial i found. it looks pretty straight forward, hopefully i wont run into any trouble. thanks for the reply.
  13. nvm guys, I found a tutorial, my bad.