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  1. Yes, you are right. But the code below as link stated to be add to /etc/yum.conf,,,,did not work proxy=http://proxy.ewrq.au:8080,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, because our ISA uses 8080 proxy proxy_username=zillah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fake username proxy_password=ad123,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fake password right? your first Error stated that it could not find the REPO, I am suggesting that its because the ones that come with FC5 are wrong. try taking out the one listing legacy and see if that fixes it. your second error is a parsing error of the scripts, so I think it does not like the shell
  2. File.move(original_name, new_name) or System.IO.File.Move(FileToMove, MoveLocation) C# is the same it shows up under VB6 so I assume it works, but it does in VB.net SharpDevelop can give you a free way to go to .net (vb and C#) and it works mostly like Visual Studio including winForms you need to test if the file is there first if (File.Exists(source)) then System.IO.File.Move(source, dest)
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    Visual Basic

    Shanenin for you I would suggest C#, as its closer to plython with sharp develop you can have a full IDE with debuging and GUI builder (winForms) I find VB useless now that it compiles to the same binary as C# and C++ .net and I also find VB unreadable and much harder after you learn a C like language. here is VB DIM sString as String; C# String sString; which makes more sense to you?
  4. note you can not change the harddrive with out a modchip, and using a mod chip for this is not ageist the law or this board. its the illegal use of coping video games that woudl make it illegal. but your problem sounds like a DVD drive http://www.llamma.com/ has DVD's. the problem with replacing the harddrive is they are locked and you can not unlock them with out a modchip or special PC hardware. my Xboxes run Linux so I have replaced all my drives, I'll look to see if I have one sitting around.
  5. my SunRays uses the Common Desktop Environment with Trusted Solaris 8 They also have no problem. I think that because these systems do not come preinstalled (except Solaris but that is not for most people's use) and they must install Linux it becomes hard or they think the entire thing is hard. I challenge any of them to go to the store, buy the boxed version of Windows, and install it and see how "Easy" it is to find drivers, find and install all the software you may need and them install a boxed version of SUSE or Red Hat and tell me which is harder to do.
  6. Linux is simple (kde, GNOME) it just people are tought windows, your Granddaughter knows Windows because that is all she has been tought, but there was a time she did not know windows. My 5 year old and my 8 year old use Linux, BSD, Mac osx, Solaris and windows with zero problems.. they have no preference as they have not been tough that using windows is using computers. They use each as I don't let them install anything, I do that in each they click the picture and run the program all do that just the same. That said this link is not for new users or users at all, its for developers and s
  7. first this http_proxy=" http://zillah:[email protected]:8080 " export http_proxy yum update belongs in your .rc file for the user (/home/username/bash.rc) your error from the first thing you changed is saying your repo list is bad (proxie not working could make this think it is bad), but Fedora 5 has fedora legacy links that do not exsist anymore , you may need to find an up to date repo list to fix this (or at least know that is not the problem) FC 6 is out, you could get the list from that distro.
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    Customize theme and fonts 1. gnome-theme-manager Click "Theme Details", and fiddle away. My preferred theme is "IndustrialTango". 2. gnome-font-properties My preferences are "App=Sans 10, Desktop=Sans 10, Window title=Sans 10, Terminal=FreeMono Medium 12".
  9. you have a few choices 1) you can renew support 2) you can point to CentOS or white Box and get updates (they build strait from the red Hat Source and just remove the Trademarked Red Had Logo's and art) 3) you can buy Support from Oracle 4) you can get the source RPMS from Red Hat and update your self. http://www.centos.org/ http://whiteboxlinux.org/ it will not turn off.. also if you say your a collage student you can get Red Hat to renew your license for $50 a year. (no Commercial use though)
  10. I shoulden't help new people to linux as I just confuse them, but one thing to remember that Fedora is the Test version of Linux. While its very usable as a desktop its more server ordinated and with Trusted Linux extensions added, it is one of the most secure OS out their, but that makes it a little more difficult as you must do different things. Ubuntu is made for newer users and you can ask them to mail you CD's for free.
  11. ok , I was wrong, there is a file firefox, that is firefox, just untar this where you want it and set up the short cut, I am better on the command line so I can only give directions with that way, as there are too many GUI things that each Linux distro does differently. but first lets make your system up2date using the red hat icon at the bottom and update the system. open a command prompt and assume the root role. coammd to type yum -y install firefox then see this site to get the plugins http://www.gagme.com/greg/linux/fc4-tips.php
  12. in that case the file is not executable, doing a chmod +x filename would make it executable or right click and change its permissions checking the x, I'll test it in Vmware in a min, I'm going from memory
  13. go to a command prompt (bash shell) and move the tar.gz file to where you woudl like to open it up to open the file (its like a zip file) tar -zxvf firefox- (change to the directory it created) cd firefox type run-mozilla.sh (note this is your install program.) it should ask some questions. another way double click the file it should leave you with a firefox- double click that and it should open the file up double click run-mozilla.sh
  14. search Microsoft and pi, newton, apple and other such stuff.
  15. I like that all distributions are their not just Slackware (go to the bottom or search) some may need this site too http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leet#Vocabulary
  16. we at work c++ code that is console based at teh moment. we would like to add a GUI to control it but I am haveing some problems. first I changed the properties (settings ) to make it a managed c++ project and added a form called MainForm it created the MainForm.h and MainForm.cpp and MainForm.resX I want to add it to my old main to test I tried MainForm mainForm = new MainForm(); but that errors? it also doe not like my #include"MainForm"; any hints?
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    Script Error

    I thought ' was a comment in vb not #
  18. do you have encryption turned on? try reentering the encrytion key
  19. have you called vontage, give them the MAC address and have it listed to you. I have had no issue With them doing this for me.
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    C# Sockets

    I have been working on Socket Network Connections I have a problem with the receive string not updating, but in debugger I see the values being assigned to it change. This is all done in sharp develop so I will attach the project, inside is socketclient.exe which is the client side for testing. (that was done by the example page, http://www.codeguru.com/csharp/csharp/cs_m...icle.php/c7695/ when I build it like the example (all one class) it works but it not teh right way as you have to throw a CheckForIllegalCrossThreadCalls = false; so .net 2 will not throw an error about the gui being upd
  21. I like bash as well:-) does BSD come with KSH? if so its always fun to play with this ksh -o vi this will make VI the editor for ksh and give you things like <esc> then k will walk back in history of commands. and such, basically you can use vi commands to get around the shell. Note Vi commands not VIM. happy playing
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    In A Rut

    you could always learn C#, its use full on Windows and With Mono is use full on Linux. you can use C# with the new PowerShell for Windows so its good for Admin I have to Program for Windows at work (also soem *Nix programing but they seem to get done and not need as much hand holding) so I keep it interesting by trying to make sure my C# will also run in Mono but I think that all ruts are just an excuse to find a new project. linux is not a girlfriend who gets mad when you don't use her
  23. I have never dual booted BSD with Linux, but here is some information http://geodsoft.com/howto/dualboot/ from the FREE BSD Hand book The LILO Boot Manager: To install this boot manager so it will also boot FreeBSD, first start Linux and add the following to your existing /etc/lilo.conf configuration file: other=/dev/hdXY table=/dev/hdX loader=/boot/chain.b label=FreeBSD In the above, specify FreeBSD's primary partition and drive using Linux specifiers, replacing X with the Linux drive letter and Y with the Linux primary partition number. If you are using a SCSI drive, you will need to change
  24. some interesting reading.. using http to proxies http://www.xs4all.nl/~harmwal/vnc/readme.html
  25. port forwarding is the only way through a NAT. can you ping the boxes (have to set up PF for that to test) I have VNC going through several routers, but they are all Layer 3 except the one at the house (well it is Layer 3 but is being used as a Layer 2) my only suggestion is to have Pf or a tunnel set up. here is RealVNC suggestions How do I use VNC through my firewall? Many organisations operate firewalls to reduce the risk of intrusion by malicious attackers via the Internet. These firewalls typically operate by only allowing connections in to machines in that organisation on specific ports