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  1. Thanks for that. I tried 1024x768, but no success.
  2. Both 2 and F3 work, F3 for more options. This did not solve the issue.
  3. Me and my friend , we have downloaded knoppix DVD 5.1.1 on two different PCs (i.e. we have two different DVD copies, they have got right MD), and on two different times, he told DVD is working fine on his Desktop PC, but when I used these two DVD on my Toshiba Laptop Satellite A100-785, it hangs on : If I hit enter the below prompt is presented " root!tty1:/# And when I typed in : startx,,,,The process of booting continues till the end. Is this what suppose to be ? I found similar thread here : http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/knoppix-h...t-problems.html
  4. I will try this option, I have got three OSs on my laptop (Windows, Solaris, FC5), but do you think any affect that might happen to other two OSs, when I upgrade FC5 to FC6 ?
  5. Yes, you are right. But the code below as link stated to be add to /etc/yum.conf,,,,did not work proxy=http://proxy.ewrq.au:8080,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, because our ISA uses 8080 proxy proxy_username=zillah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fake username proxy_password=ad123,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fake password
  6. With my box FC5 at work (Active Directory), I have been able to access the net , I have not logged in with my AD account , I logged in as username : root and password : forum,,,fake one (I know security implication, I have done this for test ). First time when I tried to open a browser, window popped up asking me username and password for authentication to use internet (I entered my username: zillah and password:ad123 my active directory account,,,fake ), then I was able to browse the net. When I tried to use the command below (via Terminal): [root@local]#yum install yum (yumes),,,,It did not
  7. Thanks Helio Since I can not access solaris OS, you meant I have to access Linux OS (FC4),then I have to mount solaris slice a, and after that I have to edit the menu.lst for Solaris OS itself not for FC4,,,,,,,didn't you ? You meant instead of accessing the FC4 OS, I can modify the slice "a" by using live CDs that you have mentioned,,,,,,can I use knoppix V4.0.2 (since I have already got it) ?
  8. I downloaded Solaris Express (2/06), when I booted laptop using Solaris CD1, the process of the setup stuck on this secreen: SunOS Release 5.11 Version Sun_31 32-bit Copyright 1983-2005 Sun Microsystems, Inc.Use is subject to license terms Configuring devices. Is this something related to CD itself ? or something elase ? Thanks Then I have been advised to use verbos booting arguments I inserted the CD1, the GRUB menu is displayed. Solaris Solaris Serial Console ttya Solaris Serial Console ttyb (for lx50, v60x and v65x) 1- I chose option 1 2- e---for edit, the following text are displayed in
  9. Here I got confused because this "installgrub -m <stage1> <stage2> /dev/rdsk/<slice>" does not refer to the location for MBR,,,,,Am I right ?
  10. My understanding to what has mentioned that during the process of Solaris installation, I can not decide the location where GRUB will be installed {unlike Linux}, (i.e. by default GRUB will be installed into root slice within Solaris partition,,,,Am i right ? I can not access the GUI for Solaris right now (be aware I was in the process of installing only CD1, I have not finished CD1 yet) Thanks for your help.
  11. 1- This is what I had done, but without success. 2- During Solaris v10 1/06 (Not Solaris Express) installation (CD1 only, I have not used CD2,3,4 yet) I did not find an option (may be I did not pay attention to it) to choose the location (position,,,kindly see post #11)) for Solaris's GRUB, therefore by default it was installed into Solaris partition (i.e not into MBR).
  12. Thnaks iccaros 1- I do not remember, but can we choose during a process of solaris installation, the position solaris's grub ? 2- If I installed Solaris GRUB into MBR, doesn't it screw FC4 bootloader ?
  13. Let me explain to you what is my concern, then you can correct me if I misunderstood you. 1- I had installed before this version of Solaris , the other version of Solaris (Solaris without grub), I had not problem to boot solaris by modifing FC4 bootloader which resides into MBR,,,,Is this clear ? 2- I deleted the old version of solaris, I installed the new version of solaris (Solaris Express 1/06, support GRUB, not Express Solaris). 3- Still I am using FC4 bootloader to point to Solari location, i am not using Solaris bootloader to boot OSs. A- Do you mean new version of grub FC4 OS ? B- Do
  14. This is what I did it did not work. title Solaris rootnoverify (hd1,0) makeactive chainloader +1 Then I did below (I guess it is wrong): title Solaris rootnoverify (hd1,0,a) makeactive chainloader +1 How can you decide what the right letter (a,b,d,,,etc) to be used ? since I can not access Solaris OS Is there newest version of Solaris than the version i am installing ?