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  1. Happy birthday, Jeff! Karol
  2. Yeah, I think they're awesome as well. I'm really loving the Lost In Stereo clips! I'm going to see them in concert on July 13th so it should be a lot of fun. B Woo, concerts! Have fun!
  3. They're both great songs, but I especially like the first one. It's great. Thanks for the purchase links, I might get it . Karol
  4. Out with the old, and in with the new. I totally agree with that statement. Pretty funny watching Will it blend episodes. Karol
  5. I do use twitter, and I really like it. Here's why: 1. Communicating with the world; you can @ reply anyone in the world, and communicate with them like that. 2. I use twitter for breakingnews; I rarely use CNN or my local news station anymore, Twitter does the job. My twitter is mostly for personal use, and I retweet anything that I find important/interesting. Karol
  6. Happy birthday, Shanenin! Hope you have a good one ! Karol
  7. Happy birthday Marsh! Hope you have a good one . Karol
  8. Happy new year everybody, I hope everyone has a great day! Karol
  9. The iPhone is pretty cool Jeff. I would love to have that phone! Karol
  10. Thanks all, I've had the best birthday ever! =)
  11. Looks really good , I like it . Karol
  12. Happy birthday Jeff!!!!!!!