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  1. that fixed it, but now the guide is off. like by 30mins to an hour on some programs, any idea?
  2. I have a hauppauge hvr-950 and 64bit vista home premium w/ media center. I am trying to connect to my schools analog cable and when I go through the setup menu in media center and select cable. It instantly says its done(didnt search for channels or anything). When I go to watch what it claims is setup, everythign is black and which and the bottom has a bunch of random horizontal lines w/ no sound. Any ideas?
  3. Hey i jsut got a dv4-1028us on a circuit city close out i installed warcraft 3 the frozen throne and it lags to no end. My much older desktop has no issue and runs smooth on the same wireless internet. It is brand new, virus free. I am not running it form the cd but rather an ISO image(same as my desktop). I have tried xp sp2 compatibility thing, lowered the graphics all to their lowest settings, updated video/chipset/network drivers. Any ideas? It is a 64bit vista system 4gb ram 320gb 5400rpm hard drive p8400 processor
  4. is there some way to do this with a slingbox or Pinnacle Pc to Go HD? anyone?
  5. is there some way to do this with a slingbox or Pinnacle Pc to Go HD?
  6. Hello, I was wondering if there is a good way to create a Directv PVR. I was looking for some sort of box(not a computer) that could connect to my tv and stream the data recorded back to the windows home server (not located in the same room as tv). I looked into and it appears that it requires the home server to be right next to the box. I also looked into Linksys's DMA 2100 but it appears there is no way for it to record back to the home server. Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. Hey, i cant connect to my network. I'm running vista home premium. I can off and on get internet from my router but its not allowing me to connect to other computers. The wireless icon on the bottom right shows that its not connected to anything. When i go into control panel to try and search for wireless networks the pop up window to do so wont show up. I have tried system restore, and i have tried reinstalling the drivers for the network card. Also, when i hover my mouse over the wireless icon in the bottom right, it says "Connection status: Unknown Server Execution Failed." Any other ideas
  8. that was the last resort, its just weird cuz one day its totally perfect. then the next day i just go on to browse the web and it continually crashes.
  9. its a laptop made by I believe is an MSI base. Its a Core2duo t7400 2gb cosair ram Geforce go 7600 vid card 120gb 7200rpm sata150 HD Thats the big things. Ill try defraging it now.
  10. im still having troubles and its now getting seriously worse. I cant even load into windows the only way to access is to boot into safe mode with networking. Any other ideas?
  11. well the program i was using did a sector for sector copy. i would just pop the vista disk is, it would read them all. then i would pop a blank disk in and it would burn all those files the exact way they were on the vista disk to the blank disk.
  12. ok i used that program and saved the files to my desktop, then made it into an iso to mount to teh DVD, but its not bootable...which file in the windows folder should i select to be the boot file? i saw no .bif files.
  13. really? toothpaste...ill give it shot... alright i just tired effect.