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  1. did you get any new drivers for your video card?
  2. Heres an article about IPv6,,3-2270472,00.html
  3. Im not sure about this but cant kismet detect a network without SSID?
  4. Well I need to do it because I have problems with both of my connections. See when I am trying to play games and stuff my wifi card cant do it. I have a packet loss problem which is the cards fault completely. ( Iv treid everything for it). So I went and baught a linksys router. Now the linksys router has some strange problems where I cant resolve DNS anymore. Kinda weird and very annoying. It ususally starts happening when I use bittorrent. So I have a eithernet connection to the router and a wifi connection to my modem. I might mention that my modem has a wifi router built in. So what I wou
  5. Is there anyway to setup firefox to defaulty use my wirelss adapter instead of my eithernet adapter?
  6. IPv6..Well at least they are planning for the furture.
  7. Of course Iv done that. The torrenting itself is working fines it just that I cannot open up new connections to servers from anything. For example lets say I was connected to the AIM server. When I turn on bittorrent AIM will stay connected but if I then try MSN it wont connect. Or if i try acessing a webpage the connnection will just time out.
  8. Ok does anybody know if the Linksys WRT54G V5 router limits outgoing connections or something? Iv noticed that I cannot acess webpages or connect to games when I have bittorrent running. This never used to happen when I was connected to my old wifi router but its happening now with a direct connection to the router.
  9. Actually Im looking for some myself so if anybody else has suggestions on where to get some good templates.
  10. Well I wanted video to play at the same time but I just got VLC working properly So I guess I dont need that anymore.
  11. Iv been using studio 10 to try burn some family videos into DVDs but the damn program freezes up when it reaches the end of burning the disk. Iv looked at some reviews and they have all said the program was very unstable and I have to agree with them. But now im stuck. That was the program that came with my video capture card and I dont want to go out and pay another 100 bucks for somemore softare. Do you guys know of any free dvd authoring software? It can be really basic. All I need to do is maybe insert a title and cut some parts. I would be using windows movie maker but it cant burn to DVD
  12. ultravnc is perfect. Exactly what I need. thank you pierce
  13. Ill check that out. I got realvnc to work but I cant play a video on the PC and see it on the other end nor can sound come through. I will check out ultra vnc though.
  14. Well I want it to go directly through my lan using remote desktop. It says it cannot even see the a terminal server even though I set up my PC to accept remote desktop. If I can get remote desktop to work it would be great. I will see what I can do with the ports though I dont see how messing with my router will help considering im inside the network. Also I think I need to add the user in here... So I go in and press Add to add a user and I get this box As you can see I can add the user name right? So Now I have a question . Do I add the laptop name or the user name of the account on the la
  15. Ok guys I just rememberd I could use remote desktop to view whats on another computer (see my other post if you dont understand). I need to use remote desktop. Only there is a problem. My PC is running XP pro and I have it set up so it accepts incoming remote desktop connections but my other computers do not see a computer hosting a terminal server. They do see eachother and they are on the same workgroup but no terminal server. So I just rememberd something which I did last year... Somthing quite stupid actually. I went around my computer disabling and uninstalling outlook and windows messeng
  16. Ok so here is my setup. I have a PC upstairs connected to my network and a laptop in my basement connected to my projector. Its connected with wi-fi on the same network as my PC. My question is how can I send video output from my PC to the laptop downstairs. Is there a program to just take what I see on my screen and send it downstairs to the laptop so I can display it on my projector. OR do I need some sort of hardware? BTW I dont mean like streaming video through VLC. I mean like if I am displaying a webpage on the PC I want it displayed on the laptop downstairs. Or if I am doing a power poi
  17. It could just be faultly. My old 500 watt PSU powerd powered parts of my system but couldnt do the entire thing but my new 500 Watt PSU does it just fine. A rail might be damaged or failing. PSU's are weird things sometimes...See if you can borrow sombody's or maybe buy one and then return it if you are still having problems.
  18. Just wondering about our IRC servers...I can connect to them. It just says connection timed out. Anybody else having the same problem .
  19. You need to reset cmos. There is a jumper on your motherboard near the battery. its on pin 1 and 2. move it to pin 2 and 3 and turn on the computer. Then put the jumper back to its original posistion and reboot. (Knowing you I think you might have known that already.)
  20. Well Guys I got my capture card Its from pinnacle and so far its working fine.
  21. yea I do have a DVD burner. I want to be able to edit the video on my computer. ill look around for a video capture card.
  22. I was looking for an external device of somesort where I could plug in my camcorder using AV cables it it would give me output via USB or Firewire.
  23. My parents have alot of old tapes of me as a baby which they want me to burn to dvds. I have a camcorder which can play these tapes but Im kind of at a loss on how to connect a camcorder to my PC. Im guessing I will need to buy a converter of sorts that can take AV cables and spit out the video through a USB cable. I dont have a video capture card in my PC. The tapes are the old sony HI8 ones. So um what do I need to buy. Im going to just use Windows movie maker as my movie edit software because all I will need to do is add a tltle here and there and then put the movies onto DVDs.
  24. Iv used toshibas untill now but to tell you the truth iv been dissapointed with them. All of them have had problems and iv had to send them back repeatedly.