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  1. Well Im on my school debate team. Which means long long trips to all sorts of places on a bus. A bunch of us bring laptops with us and would like to lan games like Warcraft or Company of Heroes on the bus. I saw this mod and was like this is what we need.
  2. So have any of you guys heard of that mod with the linksys router powerd by batterries. I saw pics of this mod before but was wondering if any of you guys knew how to build it?
  3. I read about this on digg a bit back. Its a very interesting article but its sad how some companies wont funds tests for it.
  4. Flesher, what happened with this? Just curious to see what worked out.
  5. I did..Thanks So can I get rid of this junk safely or is it part of the update?
  6. Well most of them are files, but there is one folder with that text thing in it. Im appearently not supposed to upload a text file... I just put it up online here As for those weird files there are 1104 of them...All in the C drive.
  7. WOO! We made it to the super bowls. DA BEARS !!!! Actually Im in a weird spot. I live less than 30 miles from chicago and consider myself a Chicagoan...but I live in Indiana. And the Colts just won their game with the patriots. (Awsome interception at the end) heh guess its a win win for me in the end
  8. Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1 Scan saved at 12:08:43 AM, on 1/22/2007 Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600) MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.5730.0011) Running processes: C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exe C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exe C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\WLKeeper.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exe C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exe C:\
  9. I just noticed today I have tons and tons of these random files in my C folder. They dont even have a type but they have names like 0AEC91A7-BFAA-4372-844E-83BE86177968 and just other weird stuff like that I did find one folder and a file text file inside. Looks almost like some sort of scan or install log. No idea what it is. Im adding it as the attachment. Any ideas what this is?
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    Im not going for it either. There is nothing super special in vista that I cant already do and there are some strange-o drm like stuff in there which Id like to avoid. Im perfectly happy with XP and I see no reason to spend more money for something more.
  11. Ok so heres my problem now. I have a laser printer which connects to the LPT 1 port. (printer port) For some reason my computer does not automatically detect this printer. Normally on my other computers the printer would show up when I plugged it in and would install it self. On this computer I have to manually intsall it every time i reboot the computer. And the computer wont even detect its plug in play. What could be causing this?
  12. Ok fixed it. I went into computer mangement (right click my computer > management) and checked in the harddrive device slots. I saw that my thumbdrive was already assigned letter G, so I re assigned it to J. It showed up after then. I still dont know why it wouldnt show up in the first place, but anyways its working now.
  13. Is it one of your ports? Make sure both ports are working. If both are working then plug both the devices in and then do this Right click my computer > properties > hardware > device manager Are there anything with a ? by it or a ! Can you see both the devices? If your computer does see the device you will need to manually assign a drive letter to the device.
  14. Ill put money somebody will crack that withing a month of vista's full release.
  15. ultravnc has a java viewer. Iv tested it from school and its worked. Just open the correct port at home and make sure to write down you ip. Its open source and free.
  16. I just found this the hard way last month. I dropped 300 bucks on some Kingston Hyper X not realizing it was DDR1. It worked fine in my old pc which I meant to upgrade pretty soon (hence me spending 300 bucks on ram). So a few weeks later I bought one of those new core 2 duo motherboards. Got home all exited to install the new mother board and the RAM wouldn't fit. Couldn't return the ram either. Now I have some great ram stuck in an old pc and some "value" ram in my new gaming one. Such is life eh
  17. I used to have the exact same problem with a 800 mhz cordless phone near my wireless B router. The newer 2.4 GHz phones dont disturb my connection, but the old 800 mhz ones do. I got rid of the old phone and the problem went away.
  18. Hey guys, I'm having a pretty strange problem. I just finished building my computer last week and I started to have this problem where I would connect my USB drive but it would not show up in my computer. In fact there is no way for me to access the drive at all. Now the weird thing its that it is showing up in device manager alright, but I still cannot access it. I already tried reinstalling the drivers but it hasn't helped. Any ideas? Thanks
  19. Ok so here is my problem. I have Adobe Premiere Elements and im making quick little vids of stuff me and a friend make in a Gmod ( A game btw). I use fraps to record and it records at a very nice quality. 500 megs for about a minute of video. So put it in Elements and I add a tittle and tell it to encode at 320X240 Mpeg 2. Now the video that comes out is super pixelated. Now I understand there is going to be some loss is quality but this is ridiculous. What should I be encoding in to make about a 100 meg file for about 3 minutes of video.
  20. As long as you have one firewall up you are fine I guess. I do the same thing. I have a modem/router which is connected to a linksys hub. I have the linsys set to DMZ on my modem/router (DMZ means that all available ports are opened). Now I just have to open one port on the linksys to get through and have not had problems. Most people only have one firewall in their router and are fine with it. If you are worried about the extra security then you can use a software firewall to make up for loss of Device A's firewall
  21. Ahh Id do anything for snow like that over here. Its been way too long since we've had a sizable slow storm
  22. Sir_Siddy

    nah its pretty simple. You install this little plugin which takes what songs you listen to from your favorite player. It keeps track of all your songs and builds up a profile which reflects what you listen too. The free version (I use it free) has two personalized radio stations as well. One is for recommended music and the other is music that people with the same tastes as you listen to. Iv started to bring some of my friends into it and its a pretty nice way to find some new music. Here look at mine Robroy whats your username?
  23. Our streets are filled with alot of slushy stuff though. Its nice to know its going to dip into the single digits especially since our neighborhood doesn't have a snow cleaning service. Where do you live liz?
  24. Have you tried hamachi before? I'm not exactly sure if it relays all the data between you and their servers but generally it hooks you up with the other person quite neatly even through a NAT. Iv used it before to help a friend through VNC and it worked quite well.