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  1. WHOA pete ur here too. U left the g4 boards then? Well we do have cordless phones but they are on the 4 ghz bandwidth i think. Is there are way i can check the frequensy of my keyboard? The microwave is on the other side of the house so i really doubt thats the problem.
  2. DANG that snake is GIANT. Id hate to be anywhere near that thing. I feel for those poor souls down in New Orleans.
  3. BTW the demo of Partition Magic doenst do anything. Youll have to buy it or *ahem* you know....
  4. Azureus might have a more familiar interface if youv used Kazaa or another P2P client. I really do like it there are are many plugins you can install for it. I use a RSS plugin to download TWIT automaticly ^^.
  5. Yea its the keyboard. I tried it on my laptop and its doing the same thing.
  6. Asus really pisses me off. Their tech support hangs up on you all the time when they cant answer your questions. They never return calls either. I sent in a bad Mobo and they finnaly sent it back a month later without even fixing it. . Sent it back AGAIN and they still didnt fix it. HATE ASUS I just ended up buying another one after spending like 50 bucks on shipping costs and wasting my time with their tech support. Took me 3 days just to get their RMA info.
  7. O just found about this. Sure im definately gonna listen right after i listen to TWIT
  8. whenever I use peer guardian i find that its blocking the trackers on azureus. Is there a way i can find the IP of the tracker and allow it to pass through PG?
  9. No unfortuneately i dont have a way to change the channel on my keyboard. Not one that i know of anyway. I use a cheap $10 keyboard when i play games but I would still want to try to get this one to work. I read somewhere it may have something to do with microsofts driver. I checked the keyboard options and couldnt find any way to turn off a feature that may be doing this.
  10. First thing i tried. I have the most up to date drivers and batteries are brand new. I replaced them 3 times just to make sure. also want to add the reciever is right next to my keyboard. Inches away. Connections in the back are fine as well.
  11. Motherboard monitor doenst support my motherboard. Anybody have any alternatives to it. All im looking for is a way to tell my CPU temp without having to head into BIOS.
  12. Im looking for a program or plugin that can record video or sound off of winamp. Anybody got any ideas?
  13. I am using a Radeon 9800 pro with a Nvidea 3 chipset and it works perfectly.
  14. I have a microsoft wireless comfort keyboard and it freezes quite often when im playing a game like BF2 and sometimes when i type. If im typing while it freezes it repeats the key over and over again as if i were holding the key down. It only lasts for a few seconds but its very annoying. it makes playing games near impossible though. Can anybody find a way to fix this?
  15. Is this the only way? This problem only occured after I reformated once.
  16. Ok i used the seagate diagnostincs and it told me that one partition ( containing widows) passed with some incosistansies and that my other partiton failed ( its my backup with all my files). Above that it said that the harddrive failed. I cheked the report and found that it did not fix the four errors it found. So what should I do?
  17. I have been using Nortons System Works utilities to constanly check and fix my Hard drive. chkdsk doenst work because it says that the F disk paramiter is not defined. It does find errors but i dont think it fixes any of em because when i run it again the same errors are found. My hard drive is new less then 6 months old. Either way Nortan keeps finding new errors every few day. I just reformated last night so nothing has popped up yet.
  18. Seems like a good system. I have one similar to yours except im using a Lanparty Mobo and a radeon 9800
  19. Ok Iv been having this problem with windows corrupting files and then refusing to boot. I have reformated my computer 4 times in the past two weeks because it refuses to boot. It also is randomly corrupting files. I really dont know whats wrong or if its even windows fault. I have a homebuilt system with Windows XP Professional. I just installed SP2 on it. (the problam occurs even when i dont install SP2) I had a Partition on the same Hard Drive (wich i didnt delete until now to see if that was the problam). If you need anymore information just ask but I really need to fix it. School is start
  20. If I were you I'd disable some of the more usless services like the theme. Gets rid of the "Fisher-Price"look that windows has ^^. Good luck and be careful that you dont disable something thats too important.