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  1. Thats what I tried I just got back SndTAudio device and a High Definition Audio Device The SndTAudio device is from a program I installed earlier called SoundTaxi and those are not enabled as the default sound device anyway.
  2. In linux anyway you can use the tool nvidia-settings and twinview to do what you want. nvidia-settings is a gui tool that lets you easily set up twinview. No need to hack the xorg.conf yourself Hope that helps on that end Oh and make sure you have the proprietary drivers installed
  3. Windows 7 has been a surprise. I thought I had jumped ship to ubuntu after I started messing with it, but they did well in making this OS
  4. Hey guys Ive been trying out Windows 7 these past couple of months and have had a minor issue. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas on what to do next. Basically I have a dell XPS laptop and the speakers dont work. I usually have it plugged in to external speakers anyway (which do work) so its not really a huge issue, but the built in speakers dont work at all. Ive been trying to find drivers, but when I run the ones from the dell support site they always say device not found. You would think the dell site provides proper drivers for this model, but since I was not the one to purchase t
  5. Its been pretty much to same for me too. My first experience with linux was the auditor live cd ( based in knoppix). I guess I was learning to be a bit of a script kiddie following a guide on how to crack my wireless network using linux. Couple years later and I started using ubuntu and ive been on it since. I use debian for my server and im messing around with gentoo a little in my free time.
  6. My current ubuntu desktop. Its really long because I have two monitors
  7. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day
  8. If your disk is on a windows system you can just share it and then mount it using smbfs or cifs. Here is a great guide on it
  9. Hey guys its been a while, I think my harddrive in my laptop may be failing and im looking around for some way to test it. I remember there being a modified knoppix disk that did just that. Anybody remember what it was called?
  10. Make sure you arnt typing in the wep passphrase and have selected the wep hex key. It took me a while when I first installed it to realize that.
  11. Ive got 2 monitors so it looks a little long
  12. Its been rainy all day and its going to be rainy all week. At least its warm . I love spring time
  13. haha exactly Baker. I have a powerful windows system that I rarely use. I just end up using linux on a old server and my laptop because its just so much more fun and thanks to all you guys, if I break something I have somebody to ask for help when Im about to give up
  14. I think changing the permissions did it. Im still getting a hang of unix permissions Thanks . I also added the line to speed up transfers. What exactly does that line do?
  15. Ah sorry I didnt specify earlier. It is a linux box using samba to share its drives. Here is my smb.conf browseable = yes read only = no public = yes workgroup = WORKGROUP [D] path = /home/sid/Drives/D browseable = yes read only = no public = yes [E] path = /home/sid/Drives/E browseable = yes read only = no public = yes [500g] path = /home/sid/Drives/500g browseable = yes read only = no public = yes This same smb.conf worked across all computers when my drives were formated with NTFS ( I was using ntfs-3g with the option umask 000 to mount them). I reformatted all of them to use ext3 ins
  16. Ah whats stranger is that my windows computer CAN write to the drives. However my linux laptop cannot. Both have the same username and password.
  17. I just reformated many of my drives on my home server (running linux) to ext3. They were formerly formated to ntfs which I would mount with ntfs-3g. When they were ntfs I used the umask 000 option so all the drives were writeable and readable to everyone. Insecure, but since it is a private network it was not a big deal. However, there is no similar option with ext3. I changed the permissions of my drives using "chown -R sid" All computers accessing the samba shares have the user name sid and the same password, however I cannot write to any of the shares. Is there something I am missing?
  18. What do you mean by configuration? Windows movie maker detects video capture cards and can record from it. It comes with XP and i am assuming vista as well.
  19. Happy New Years to everybody !!
  20. I love that antec 900. I got it and I am happy I did. Keep all the fans on low, and it will keep your CPU niiice and cool. My cpu fan always runs on low which is very nice. If you want you can turn up the fans, but they can get loud...