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  1. Should I just wait untill Vista comes out? I dont know how it will be if I get a laptop now and then not be able to use vista properly
  2. Ok so as my title says i might be buying one. My main activity on it will be watching movies on the road so a good battery life is essential. Screen size doenst bother me. Even a 15 inch will do. Another big thing is price. I want it around 700 to 800 if possible. I guess it can hit 1000 but I really really want to avoid that. Iv looked at Dells line up as well as IBM's (Lenovo) so far.
  3. I got the error that gtk-config is not a command. Would this mean gtk is not installed?
  4. Ok thanks That installed glib. How can I check what version of the GTK i have?
  5. Ok attachment, the other one wouldnt work config.txt
  6. Ok That was a bit too long. Ill add it as an attachment.
  7. IT seems to have lost its ability to go online. Strange thing because it was working before. I ll post it once i get it back online
  8. OK I found out what GLib was. It seems to be part of the GTK Well you need GTK to run Gimp and ubuntu has GIMP. So isnt GTK installed?
  9. Ok I want to know how to compile a source and at the same time install Xchat. So I ran this ./configure It did alot of stuff but at the bottom it said something along the lines of Looking for glib Glib may not be installed properly Ok now what Glib and how do I fix it. It said to check config.log to see the exact error but the log seems to be a few pages long. I Could copy the text into here if you guys need it.
  10. OK I got it to work. Even though my router said my WEP was in Hexadecimal it was really in ASCII form.
  11. Ok finnaly got Ubuntu installed on my lappy. Im trying to get it online but Im having problems. I went into Networking and clicked on properties for my wifi card. I configured it. I have it my ESSID (I think thats the same as SSID) and I put in my WEP key. I tried using DHCP and Static IP but neither has worked. I still cannot connect to the internet am I missing a step somewhere.
  12. I got a 68 I didnt know some of the real old ones
  13. hmm I guess its alright then. At least it can do something useful.
  14. I have this cd drive which has been problematic for as long as I can remember. Somedays it will work perfectly fine other days it wont read disks at all. When its being problematic the drive spins up and then slows down then spins up again for mabey a minute or so. Then it finnaly stops. In My computer it says there is no disk inserted but there is one. I put my cleaner disk in there and ran it through for 20 minutes but that hasnt helped. Iv checked all the connections etc etc... Is this drive just dying/dead? Warrenty is definately gone by now so I cant send it back. Its my secondary drive
  15. Would the speed increase of RAID 0 be worth the loss of 90 GB
  16. Im not planning to do this for a while but I want to know if its possible to set up RAID 0 with two harddrives. One HD has 160 GB and the other one has 250 GB. Im guessing that I will have a 160 GB RAID 0 partition and a 90 GB normal Partition. Is that how you would do it?
  17. Sounds pretty interesting..
  18. Remember in the good ol days. You remember those old hosts? What ever happened to them. I know they were gone long before g4 came along but still. Are they still out there providing tech help/news like Leo and rest do on TWIT? I was looking at Sultan's sig and there is a side by side image of Cat and Morgan and that got me thinking.
  19. Is realy media even around still.. Havnt seen anything in real format for a LONG time.
  20. No not really. Its not going to be easy as AIM but on a difficulty scale of 1-10 with AIM being 1 Trillian is about 3. You can use different AIM accouts and MSN accounts and trillian will place them all in one nice buddy list.
  21. yes do this right click My Computer and go to Properties click on the tab "Computer Name" click on the button which says "Change" Change the computer name and restart the computer.
  22. So you getting your car soon?
  23. I sometimes share some files on one computer so I can always acess them on my other ones. My only problem with this is that it takes forever for my computer to connect to the computer and navigate through the shared folders. I mean isnt a LAN supposed to be fast? Is there something I should be configuring to speed things up or is it just how its going to be.
  24. Trillian is the best Id go with it. You can use it to talk to people on any IM network including AIM