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  1. Hey, I have 1000 dollars to work with and i want to get the best laptop i can for the money. What will it be able to do? What will its specs be? most importantly where should i buy it from? what websites/brands? if you could point me in a direction or show me a few examples that would be excellent! Thanks!
  2. Hey, I have been playing counter strike on my computer for several years now, no problem. Then the other day, i open up steam, and open up counter-strike, the main screen laggs, like when i hover the mouse over on of the buttons (ex:exit, find server, new game...) it takes like 5 secs then realizes my mouse is over it. And when im actually in a game my latency goes up to like 500+ and i just lagg out and cant play. I have run Ad-aware, Spy-Bot, Macafee, AVG, AVAST, and EWIDO. All found some little things that i fixed but still have the problem. I also have tried totally reinstalling it as well