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  1. uh oh unemployment is at 5% that is like 3-4 people! haha
  2. oh look at the city grow just in a day! That is awesome. And guess what?! Industry is coming now lets all click this one =) http://crooklyn.myminicity.net/ind If you want to continue to help a click a day helps the city grow =) And leave a message on the city bulletin board =)
  3. Hey besttechie! it's been a while. Gotta love a busy life =) But ya i found this town thing on the internet and I need people to click it to get more people into it. Anyone want to help? All you have to do is just click the link, and every click gives me more population. It's like playing sim city... haha i loved that game oh so many years ago. http://crooklyn.myminicity.net/ Thanks to all those that help my city grow =)
  4. Try downloading pci.sys from HERE maybe that will work
  5. Yup I have tried headphones and they do not solve the problem. The laptop is a Gateway 400VTX
  6. Ok I have finally gotten a hold of a CD-R and burned my linux CD.... and.... it is a hardware problem! booo So do you think there is anyway I might be able to fix this?
  7. I'm looking into buying a new PC and need assistance in picking out a Case and Power Supply. I don't want to spend too much on it, and don't need any cool lights or crap like that - just simple without being cramped. I've picked out an ATX mobo and am planning on an 8800GTX - Q6600 - and Raid HD setup - would 500Watts be enough or should I go for more?
  8. =) Thank you all It's been a wonderful day And thank you all for your awesome knowledge and your help through out my visits here =)
  9. The sound is still messed up coming out of them. Still working on getting a blank CD... ya i know... its sad in this day of age not to have an extra but i don't and my only linux CD refuses to boot up.
  10. I've deleted the audio drivers - err well at least uninstalled them - and it didn't help And yes i still have my windowsXP CD
  11. OK success! The problem with the fstab was that i must have accidently hit a key before the first # [comment] so that was the error - that is now fixed Now how i got the share to finally mount was in /etc/fstab //mycomp/Movies /home/mike/movies smbfs username=guest,password=guest,noauto 0 0 i moved it out of /mnt/movies - that didn't help, but now i will just leave it in my home directory. After that i edited /etc/rc.local mount /home/mike/movies now it mounts when i startup After 3 days of searching google i read that samba might not have started up when it was mounting everything so it nev
  12. When i do mount /mnt/movies it says that only root can mount //mycomp/Movies ob /mnt/movies it also mentions that line 1 of etc/fstab is bad.... but i never touched that anyways do i have to change the directory it mounts to or what?
  13. Event viewer has no errors related to sound at all - just the usual windows errors and dxdiag finds no problems and the tests are worthless because of course i can hear the sound it tries to play the problem is it sounds like utter crap =P
  14. I canno't get my windows share to mount correctly in the /etc/fstab i have: // /mnt/movies cifs exec,credentials=/etc/cifspw 0 0 and in the /etc/cifspw username=theusername password=thepassword When i browse to mnt/movies the directory is empty....
  15. Yesterday I was watching a movie on my laptop and everything was fine and it sounded great, towards the end i fell asleep. I woke up to my speakers making really high pitched hisses and pops. I thought nothing of it and turned off the speakers. So i tried watching a movie again later and when the movie started the audio sounded like a huge industrial fan was being blown into the microphone when the sound was being recorded. I have no idea what the heck happend but i'm begging to believe it may be a hardware problem because the sound will crackle and pop when i boot up the computer. Does any