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  1. IF you're going to live in america, SPEAK english! *short but,sweet?*
  2. I have a 20gb ipod that i've had for about 8 months, no problems....yet.
  3. I had a full day yesterday, today nothing. Just the way I like it.
  4. Wish granted, but he is still married to Yoko. I wish to have a life time supply of fuji apples.
  5. lately I've been listening to mostly dredg, marsvolta, rise against, and at the drive in. But who knows what next week will bring.
  6. You know I didn't even mind that rule, except when it came to editing. Most of the time when I made a spelling mistake or something I scrambled to edit as fast as I could because if not you know some troll would point it out and make a big deal out of it.
  7. I thought up this name about 4 years ago, no real reason behind it, just thought it sounded cool. I know, LAME! And Sub is fine, no reason to type it all out, I know who you're talking too.
  8. It has become a E-home of mine since about...I don't know, a week ago? But yea the friendliest people on the net are the members of this forum!
  9. Very good book, confusing at times but still good. I'll admit I must of read it 3 times just to get all of it.
  10. More of a tea man myself, earl grey to be exact.