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  1. Sorry about being away from the modding forum so long. My work is such that I can't get out here during the day anymore. Along with being busy, they also block this set of IPs for some reason. Unfortunately, none of that is about to change either. BH
  2. Talk about patently unfair. Can I assume sock puppets are multiple accounts used to skew a vote? BH
  3. I couldn't find a reference to Besttechie on Wikipedia. Did I miss it, or do we not have one? BH
  4. I passed this off to a buddy today, and thought I would pass it on to you guys too. A stand alone FTP server (no installation required, even on locked down machines). I run it from a pen drive so I can copy files back and forth between windows machines without setting up windows networking. By default, allows full access to all directories below the one it is launched from, with anonymous guest access. You can add security if you want it to be more secure. indiftpd.exe -h Gives help. Enjoy! BH
  5. I hate to say it, but they look photoshopped. All the same truck, and the brick pole in the background is in the same place, though sometime it is blurred... But it doesn't detract from the art, I like it. BH
  6. This is done with no malice and is not meant to be a flame. "so figure out of that six million, approximately 1% to 2% will jump ship. thats six to twelve thousand people" Do the math again, that is 60k to 120k people. Another 60k Linux people would be very good for the Linux community. No one can argue that piracy is wrong. Someone spent their capital on producing the software and they deserve a return. In this day and time, there are free alternatives for every program from OS to Audio. If you dont want to pay a hundred bucks for the OS, download a Linux distro. I GUARANTEE you w
  7. Very nice mod. Music from the 80s? BH
  8. Really nice, I am impressed. Your best work so far! BH
  9. Be nice. We don't need to get that debate stirred up in here. New Orleans proved one thing to me, don't depend on the local, state, or federal government for protection. All it takes is one weak link and you are living in the superdome. Food, water, ammo, power. Then you can ride it out on your own. BH
  10. Did I detect a note of sarcasm? The point is, there is poverty everywhere. No one in America starves to death unless by their own idiocy. Anyone in this country can get food and shelter for the cost of filling out a form <food stamps/ shelters>. You can rent a shack for $75 a month in some parts of the country. You can even get a college education for free <Berea college> if you are willing to work for it. Our poverty is most often self inflicted. If you look at the true poor you find druggies, alcoholics, freeloaders, and people with mental illness. The problem is we actually hav
  11. I have 40 or so MBs I need to configure the BIOS on, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. TIA, BH
  12. TechCentric is a group of teens that got together to do their own Internet TV show. I am not affiliated with them, I just ran into them on another board I frequent. If you are interested, take a look. The site: TechCentric Or the URL to the file: Episode 1 I hope you enjoy it. BH
  13. I second, decidedly Eastern Kentucky build. And it isn't an RV, that is a full time house. Chances are that the engine was sold for alc-i-hol... I spent nearly 10 years of my youth in Eastern Kentucky. Rent "American Hollow" to get an idea, I lived about 30 miles away. No education, no work, they dont even offer welfare there. Most live off of food stamps, growing smokables, ginseng, and social security diability. Inner city poor have it good compared to these people. BH
  14. Brian_Holiday


    I don't see how you can sleep at night, the clock keeps me awake. What are using to cut it? The edges are a little rough, and from my experence you get a better glow when the edges are smooth and opaque. You also might get more light if you silver the bottom with some paint. I wish someone would give me some acrylic.. It sucks to be grown up... BH