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  1. That shows how much you actually read the orginal post. What's with the "Anything less than that isn't worth the money".
  2. Alright. I'm in the process of building a new computer. I plan on using it for everyday tasks and alittle gaming everynow and then. (Example: Age of Empire 3, Call of Duty 2, and Half-Life 2). I don't need to play them at max settings, but I don't want it looking choppy. Now here is the thing that gets me. I'm wanting the best bang for the buck pretty much spend as little money as possible, but making it worthwhile. Here are the parts that I've picked out. (I plan on using my old hard drives to save alittle money). CPU (I plan on overclocking alittle) Motherboard Memory Optical Drive
  3. Well here's what I what I plan on doing with this computer. I'm wanting to use my TV as the monitor and all I would be using this computer for is web surfing and AIM. I can't use my main computer cause I game on it and my TV is to far from my computer. (I've looked at Wireless PC-to-TV boxes, but they cost a good chunk of change). Sorry to miss read you all. But what I'm thinking is to just get a thin, thin sheet of metal and just bend it into a low profile rectangle and then using balse wood to cover it. Would this sort of work or not?
  4. Ok if you downloaded the game off of the internet you'll need to upzip all of the files. Once you've unzipped the file. You can just go to My Computer and find where you have the files. Highlight all of the things that are in that file and Left click and select Send to Connected device and choose your calculator and send it to the RAM. Then on your calculator just go to Programs and choose the main file that runs the game. The image that you have is where you can look at what is on your calculator.
  5. Hello all. I'm wanting to take my secondary computer and turn it into a small media computer. But the thing is, it's not that small well the case. So I'm wanting to build a custom case for so that it will fit in my tv cabinet. But here's my question, is there anything that I need to particularly do to make sure I don't mess up the computer.
  6. I'm wanting to reformat my hard drive, but I currently have Windows XP Pro and I'm wanting to put Windows 2000 Pro. How would I do that? And I have another question. I have another hard drive in my computer to. So if I put 2000 on the main hard drive will it detect the other hard drive and just gone working?
  7. Ok your wrong there. It was not the mining officals that started the rumor in the first place. After the rumor got started the reason it took three hours to corret it was because the mining officals was making sure that the facts where right. Also citations and violations are given out out the ass to these mines. It's amasing that they can even operate. Exmaple: If there is a stack of flammable things in just sitting around they the mine is written up. Or when the inspector is there and a miner is standing in a spot they souldn't be then that's written down. Then alot of them don't ev
  8. Google Pack What is the point of this? Or is it just something else that Google is trying to use to take over the world.
  9. Yes, I didn't have any problems with the quality or anything, but I'm just needing a sound card because the onboard sound is starting to, like I said, act up on me.
  10. "Being an IT student and working for a big IT company, id have to disagree with you. $1200cnd wont buy you a decent high end server, nor will it buy you a cisco switch for $120,000usd. Yes you can make a gaming machine for 1200cnd, but a $1200 cnd wont even buy you a high end LCD/TFT monitor so no you cant make a high end gaming machine, a midrange gaming machine yes. Pierce" Ok where the hell did you get a sever or cisco switch from. He's asking about a gaming pc. Yes $1200 will get you a pretty dam good computer. Who cares if you work for a big IT company and all of that so what. Does th
  11. I'm in search of a sound card due to the fact that my on board sound has started to act up on me. Sabrent sound card. Is this a good sound card for just day to day things like listening to music and such. I'm just looking for sometime that can get the job done and not to fancy like. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion sixpacgenius. I'll have my friend look at it, but anyone else have a opinion or suggestion?
  13. Well, he sort of needs a new monitor. His is slowly dieing. That is why I was looking at Dell's because most of their systems comes with a good deal including a monitor.