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  1. Hi, flash and the rest of the BT community! Just passing by and thought I'd say hello. Moving to another country and residency work has had me quite busy for a while. Will try to be around more often as work permits. Have a few questions of my own that I hope others can assist with. Cheers!
  2. I recommend using Revo Uninstaller. The free version is fine. It will clean up a lot of program traces that you might not be able to find yourself. Check the folders in C:\Users\***\AppData\ for anything associated with 'Google'. If Chrome was the only Google application you used, you can safely delete any 'Google' folder that you find in there.
  3. Awesome! Thanks a lot, Flash! Really appreciate your expertise. I think whatever it was got muddled up when I did the system restore. So far, so good, though. All the best!
  4. Here is the result of the OTL fix... OTL fix log As for qtBittorrent, it's the only P2P application I have installed. Had intentions for a private file synchronization/backup setup apart from cloud storage, but will work that out when I have more free time on my hands.
  5. Thanks, Flash! 1. RogueKiller 2. TDSSKiller
  6. Just an update: running a Winsock reset seems to have solved the network settings problem.
  7. I executed a Winsock reset by running the following command at the command prompt and the IP settings are holding even after reboot! Yay! Thanks for the suggestion, TT.
  8. Hello, Flash! I'm posting this in relation to my recent experience. I haven't noticed anything else that is unusual; just that the static IPs that used to work before now no longer work. Only setting everything to 'Auto' allows me to get online. As per your instructions in the stickies, here are the scan logs so far... 1. AdwCleaner 2. aswMBR 3. MBAM 4. OTL
  9. My Windows 7 Pro desktop (up to date with all Windows Updates) recently started acting strangely. It all started after my sister plugged in a USB flash drive to print some documents, but couldn't get the printer to work. I discovered that Windows was asking to troubleshoot the printer, yet couldn't fix it. After trying to uninstall the printer driver, things got weirder: neither My Computer nor Task Manager would open. I had to resort to a previous System Restore Point which brought things back to normal... almost. After reboot, the LAN connection wasn't being recognized and I had to re-instal
  10. Can you post a screenshot? Not sure where you see this.
  11. Oh, sweet! Did you ever use the Virtu MVP software that comes with your motherboard? If so, how did you set it up?
  12. What does your startup list look like? And what about your browser add-on list? How many processes do you have running according to Task Manager? Is the Internet Explorer process consuming a lot of CPU/RAM when you're playing a game?
  13. In the G4 days, quite a few of the forum members helped me put together a parts lists for my first computer build. It ended up being an AMD socket 939 system (Asus A8N SLI-Deluxe, AMD Athlon 3500+ CPU, 2x512MB DDR XMS Corsair RAM, ATi Radeon X800XL, etc.) which I was very proud to put together. However, as time passed and through OS/application upgrades, the old rig was finding it difficult to keep up. A few minor upgrades followed such as a better aftermarket HSF, an Opteron dual-core processor, 3GB XMS Corsair RAM, SATA HDD, a new PCP&C Silencer PSU and eVGA nVidia GeForce GTX 460, but I
  14. Do you still have the Toshiba crapware installed? They used to package WildTangent stuff in there; just remove it and all other unneccessary stuff. Disable anything else you don't need at startup. I use Revo Uninstaller to safely remove traces of any application I do not want. Secondly, disable any browser add-ons you may not need. You can go into IE's menu for this or use CCleaner to edit add-ons (Tools > Startup > IE). If you're not sure what you need, just disable instead of delete. Thirdly, completely uninstall Adobe's Flash/Shockwave and Java. You don't always need the latter, b
  15. Thanks for the link. Bookmarked.
  16. I don't own any copies of Windows 8/8.1 but I have played around with it on friends' computers. Looks similar to Windows 7, which I use, except for more ribbons and the start screen. Can't get used to the latter if it's not a touch screen, though. Is there a way to turn this off?
  17. Wow! I'm glad to see some familiar avatars with active posts. I've been away for a while primarily because of studies and little-to-no free time. I tend to hang out more on car forums ever since getting my first car and looking for ways to improve her. Yesterday, I was swapping out some parts in the old desktop (which my parents now use). I remember when some of the G4 gang helped me select the parts for it back when AMD's socket 939 platform was the big thing. LOL! Sorry to hear about the medical problems as well, TT. But glad to see you're still keeping busy helping others with their c
  18. Glad to hear that things worked out. You tackled the problem correctly: start with the bare minimum and add components individually to see what was the problem-component. Some side notes... Always remember to discharge yourself when handling computer parts. Too much thermal compound is not a good thing. A thin even coat is best. Stock Intel HSFs tend to be packaged with thermal compound that is already applied, so that saves the work of putting it on yourself. When mounting the motherboard to the case, ensure that the number of risers you use corresponds to the number of screws you place. Al
  19. My laptop came with Windows Vista as well. Hated it from day 1. Switched over to Windows 7 and I haven't looked back since. In addition to what 'flashh4' recommended, ensure that your programs will run on Windows 7. Most likely they will or you can get upgraded versions that will be compatible. Also check to see if compatible drivers for the new OS are available at your laptop manufacturer's website. When choosing a path of installation, I would recommend you go with the fresh installation over the upgrade. It's definitely a longer process, but you'll end up with less issues later on.
  20. streamWriter will also help with that.
  21. Separating OS from the data partition keeps things organized and can also improve general performance, but my understanding is that you only have gains in the latter when these partitions are on separate disks. You see, if you have a single 1000GB hard disk that is separated into 2 partitions: e.g. 500GB for OS and 500GB for data, reading and writing files won't be optimized since it's the same disk head that has to do the work. If anything, you're making the drive jump from one part of the disk to another part of the disk to do work which can, in the long term, be stressful on mechanical dr
  22. Check out TomsHardware for their regular "Best for the money" lists.