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  1. Learn some HTML, call for your images via the <img> tag and add CSS for effects.
  2. Also, check your Even Viewer logs just to eliminate anything Windows-related.
  3. I was recently able to successfully install Ubuntu 9.10 onto my desktop. This is the first version to work properly with it. Previous versions probably had problems with the ATI Radeon X800XL PCI-e graphics card. Unfortunately, I cannot select a screen resolution above 1024x768. My monitor can support a maximum of 1280x1024 within Windows XP and it would be great to have that in Ubuntu as well. The first thing I did upon booting into Ubuntu was to visit 'Hardware Drivers' to see if there were any driver suggestions. However, there were absolutely none available. Do you know of a guide out ther
  4. Don't know much about the specific certifications, but I'm sure there must be some out there. As for the actual work part you can do freelance work. Check out the Smashing Magazine Job Board. While you are there, you may find their Workflow articles interesting.
  5. Wow! I like the floors the most!
  6. Use TinyEye to perform a reverse image search. 'c' appears to be for the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and 'd' is definitely the Microsoft Zune logo.
  7. Thanks for the reply, 'iccaros'. I got it sorted out. Wow, am I relieved! Yes, I have 3 physical disks on the desktop. I was attempting to install Ubuntu 9.10 via UNetBootin on the same disk as Windows XP, such that Windows occupied 120GB and Ubuntu occupied the remaining 40GB. At the 'Advanced Options' screen just before finalizing the installation, I saw that I could change the installation location of the bootloader, but I left it at /dev/sda. In retrospect, I should have probably changed that to the Ubuntu /boot partition because I remember doing so on my Vista laptop so as to avoid tamper
  8. [Original question edited out.] After installing Ubuntu 9.10 the desktop rebooted, but always loads Memtest. I cannot even boot into Windows XP, which is installed on the same disk as Ubuntu, just on a different partition. How do I fix this? I have tried using my Windows XP CD's Recovery Console to do fixmbr and fixboot to no avail. I do not mind losing Ubuntu, but I do not want to have to lose XP. Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. Wow! This looks extremely awesome! Excellent visual integration!
  10. I am a HostMonster customer myself, and I can say that using their web hosting service for video storage and streaming on such a large scale may be considered a violation of their TOS. Secondly, when running such a multimedia-rich website, you may find out that "unlimited" does not mean what you think it does. Look at some of the threads on the forum for user comments.
  11. Please explain what you mean by "platform". Your request is a bit vague. Are you referring to the operating system? If this desktop is one you bought from a retailer, wasn't an operating system included?
  12. Since you seem to be able to run the games fine under Linux but not on Windows, I would think something was wrong with your drivers. Did you properly uninstall ALL traces of the old drivers before installing another version? Driver Sweeper works great for this. While you are at it, you may also want to reinstall your motherboard's chipset drivers. Games that require 3D acceleration will trigger graphics cards to work harder. Therefore, strange glitches as a result of overheating are usually only seen when the GPU is put under stress. Is the graphics card cooling unit free of dust? Does the fan
  13. Do you have OpenOffice? Perhaps you can convert the PPS file to Flash format then link to the hosted SWF output.
  14. You may find this website helpful for reviews and guides: SmallNetBuilder.com
  15. A great site to learn the basics is W3Schools. Other free WYSIWYG editors inclue KompoZer, Aptana and Amaya. However, if you are really interested in getting down to the coding level, then nothing beats a good text editor. Some great ones are HTML-Kit, Notepad++ Notepad2 and PSPad.
  16. The reason that many SEO articles recommend using either non-www or www is usually because they are considering that http://mydomain.com can be interpreted as being completely different from http://www.mydomain.com from a search engine's perspective. Stick to one convention and use it in all the links you provide. Since you have been using http://mydomain.com for quite some time now, you should not try to change anything now. What you can do for those visitors who come to your website via http://www.mydomain.com is to use a permanent 301 redirect to the non-www version. That way, things remain
  17. Thanks, 'jcl'! I believe I'll leave it the way it is for now, since everything is working fine. However, I will remember your recommendation should I need to set up a web directory for another user.
  18. EDIT - Please disregard. Seems as though the default files contained within the www folder are locked but can be deleted. I can create and edit new files. ...and the file icons themselves have a padlock emblem on them. How do I get around this? Thanks for your input.
  19. Thanks a lot guys! I'll give it a try without the virtual environment.
  20. I notice the same thing sometimes, but it usually happens after I have updated the Hosts File list from within Spybot Search & Destroy. May be that the two are disagreeing about a particular entry.
  21. Hello all! I have a Ubuntu 8.10 32-bit desktop installation on my laptop that I would like to use for testing some WordPress stuff before transferring to my Linux-based web host. I found a guide on how to set up a LAMP server. Although this will be a "testing" environment, I don't want the server to start every time I log into Ubuntu. I have never run virtualization software before, but do you think that would be the best way to go with this? I am thinking about using VirtualBox within Ubuntu then installing the server flavour of the OS to run the server. What are your thoughts and recommendat
  22. For lots of good reading on material pertaining to networking hardware, you may want to check out SmallNetBuilder.com.
  23. Open a Windows Explorer window and set the view as you would like it. Then go to Tools > Folder Options > View tab > and click on "Apply to all folders". Close the window and relaunch. You should see that the settings have taken effect.