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  1. Nope, not having this problem.
  2. I'm in the market for a new smartphone and I saw that Motorola and Verizon just released the new Droid line of products including the Droid Maxx which looks pretty cool, but I've also heard about Motorola releasing a new smartphone called the Moto X... I'm not sure which one I should get. Any help? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, I've been hearing about iRadio, a new Apple music service that's coming out with the release iOS 7 and was wondering for those who have tried it... is it more like Pandora or Spotify? How does it work? Thanks!
  4. What's better the new Google Chromecast device or Apple TV? What are the major differences between the two devices? Thanks!
  5. Hey! I love my new MacBook Pro that I got for Christmas, but I'm wondering what's the best screen recording software for OS X? I see a bunch of options in the Mac App Store, but I wanted to see if anyone had a recommendation before I bought anything. Right now I'm looking at Screenflow and Voila. Thanks for the help!
  6. Hey guys, My family is looking into switching from cable to Verizon FiOS. I'm wondering if this is a good idea? We can save some money by signing up with them for a couple of years, but I've heard some bad things about FiOS regarding to the taxes and other fees, is this true? Also, aside from cost savings are the FiOS speeds good? And are they reliable? Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new TV and I was wondering what are the best possible TV's on the market for a reasonable price? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. This is really awesome, I love the write-up information for each gift idea. I really want the Wii U, but it's already sold out most places!
  9. Thanks! I'm loving Reeder so far. It's really awesome.
  10. Hey guys, I was just wondering what the best video/graphics card is on the market? I'm looking at possibly upgrading my video card and wanted to know some good options. I currently have the ATI Radeon 5770 with 1GB of RAM. Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, My school is giving out iPad's and I wanted to know what's the best RSS reader and/or news reader for the iPad? I want to use it to keep up-to-date with the tech news. Ideally it should be able to tie in or use my Google Reader account too. Also, the app can be free or paid. Thanks!
  12. Thanks! This is super useful, my dad just got a Mac and he had an issue with an app becoming unresponsive.
  13. I just heard that Samsung partnered with Google again for a new Chromebook and this time it's going to be $249 -- do you guys think this is a good deal for a laptop? Aside from the obvious benefits, such as the extremely low price, what else makes it a good alternative to a MacBook Air/Pro or ASUS? I get that it's all browser-based and isn't as prone to malware and stuff, but I feel like an operating system that's just a browser is kind of limiting. So yeah, what do you think?