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  1. Thanks for the reply, 'iccaros'. I will try to see if I can disable those ports. The laptop that I am using for this Ubuntu installation is quite good in terms of hardware specifications, so I do not believe I am limiting OS performance in that regard. Things run smoothly with an Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 2.26GHz CPU and 4GB of RAM. UPDATE: Just realized - my notebook doesn't have serial or parallel ports and, furthermore, the BIOS is restricted to editing except for maybe the time and boot devices.
  2. It's coming in pretty fast on BitTorrent and the Ubuntu tracker is loaded with over 5K seeders! Anyway, I decided to run the Ubuntu 8.10 LiveCD to test whether my audio and wifi issues were properly detected. So far, I haven't configured the wifi as yet, but I see where I can enter the relevant information. However, I still have a problem with my audio. Whenever a sound plays there is still a lot of stuttering and echoes in a pulse-like tone. Whether I choose "Autodetect", "ALSA", "OSS" or any one of those on "Intel HDA STAC92xx digital/analog" and test the audio I either get that same sound c
  3. Just downloaded the final release of Ubuntu 8.10 via BitTorrent. The speeds are unbelievably fast at the moment! It came slightly early (no surprise!). On my way to burn it to disc...
  4. I'm waiting for 8.10 as well. Intrepid Ibex is supposed to have the latest stable kernel which should allow my wireless and audio adapter to work. Don't really know a lot about Linux to upgrade the kernel in 8.04.
  5. I found this guide and was considering going ahead with the upgrade. I use Windows primarily and Ubuntu just to play around with, so I do not mind using the beta. However, since the final release is scheduled for the end of October I think I'll just wait. I noticed that Ubuntu 8.04 also does not seem to like working with my audio adapter (IDT HD Audio adapter). I always get this pulse-like/stuttering sound when I turn the volume up to 100% and nothing isn't even playing.
  6. Wow! That's quite a bit of snow you got there. And this early in the year?! I can't wait to look out my window and see that outside in south-eastern ON. Snow-day!
  7. Theme: Ubuntu Dust Icons: Black-White 2 Neon
  8. Here is my attempt. Just getting my feet wet with Ubuntu.
  9. Thanks for the update, 'iccaros'. I did find some promising forum posts through Google saying that Intrepid Ibex works out of the box with this wireless adapter.
  10. LOL, thanks! It is the 32-bit version of Ubuntu 8.04, BTW.
  11. I am hoping that someone can help me with this. I have a fairly new installation of Ubuntu 8.04 (updated) on my HP Pavilion DV7-1034ca notebook, but the wireless adapter (Intel WiFi Link 5100AGN) is not detected. The status LED on the notebook indicates that it is off. In Windows Vista I would simply launch the HP Wireless Utility to turn it on/off, but I can't seem to do that in Ubuntu since it wasn't detected in the first place. After successfully following the steps in this post I rebooted and, although there are several wireless options in the network manager, the adapter is still disabled
  12. For the colour issue: Which colour profile are you using? Is it different on each monitor?
  13. Happy belated birthday, 'marko_tomas13' and 'M477h3w700142y'!
  14. My day was the usual. Got up at 6am, got calls from parents and aunt with birthday wishes, attended a 1-hour class, and came back home to take a nap. I got a lot of messages on Facebook then I just went crazy in UT2004! I'm not into much celebrations when it comes to my own birthday. It falls in an awkward spot of the academic year. Added to that, this is my final undergraduate year so there are lots to get done. I even have the added joy of working as a student teaching assistant for Biology and Chemistry classes so fun will be on vacation for a while. Thanks again for the wishes!
  15. I too have grown to love LogMeIn Free. It works great! However, after reading about the free CrossLoop, I could not believe how simple the application is to get running. The HowToGeek has information on how you can get it set up. It is as simple as installing and exchanging access codes.
  16. What will you be using the server for?
  17. If these videos are in Flash, try upgrading to the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player. Make sure that you uninstall any older version before doing this and that your browsers are closed.
  18. Someone pointed me to Macrium Reflect FREE Edition. I have never used it, but the features look pretty good for what you get for free.
  19. I don't know how helpful this is now, but you should have looked at DD-WRT's linked instructions for your specific router. I haven't compared the instructions in these links to those in yours. DD-WRT FAQ - Problems during installation