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  1. I know for a fact that sites created on WordPress.com can be upgraded (different fees for different upgrades) to use a custom domain name. Not sure about Blogger, but I wouldn't be surprised if it also had this feature. If you're looking at installing WordPress on your own server, it does not necessarily have to be installed on a subdomain in order to be used as such. The latest version of WordPress has multi-site management already built in and creating separate blogs on subdomains is easier.
  2. Even if the Creative drivers get removed, does sound still work? Is Windows replacing them with its own? Open Device Manager to see what is there. I notice from your signature that the audio adapter is on a machine running Windows 7. Windows Update now has the ability to detect [what it appears to be] drivers that have updates and offer them for installation. I don't think they should be automatically installed even if you have regular updates set to do this, since they are considered "optional". However, try changing the Windows Update setting to something like "check but let me choose", rei
  3. I got one of these for my sister after her laptop died. Works great so far. For standard 2.5" ATA laptop hard disks. Is the hard disk on your laptop an SATA or regular ATA drive?
  4. About two days ago I noticed a few new updates and decided to install them all. Unfortunately, I ran into a similar issue. On reboot, the updater reported that a problem was encountered and reverted to a pre-update state. I eventually got all the updates installed by doing the following. I went into WU and saw that only one of the important updates was selected by default. I allowed this single update to install and reboot the system. Afterward, applying the other updates was successful.
  5. Thanks! And same to you!
  6. Databases should be located in C:\xampp\mysql\data. Before upgrading WordPress, you should first check for plugin updates and install then, then deactivate the plugins. Some plugins cause conflicts if left activated during an upgrade. Try manually updating WordPress to see if you get the same problem.
  7. I'm not a Linux expert, but I found this video on Youtube. Might be able to get you started. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IyXS2wWzwM
  8. If you're still interested: Prog'z WebCamSpy Rise Sun
  9. Didn't you get a response to at least one of those questions on the G4 Tech Support forum? Single-click can be activated within Windows Explorer > Tools > Folder Options. No, you should not defragment SSDs. First of all, they don't need to be defragmented because access time remains the same (i.e. pretty low) no matter where data is placed on NAND memory. Secondly, you shouldn't defragment because you are countering the drive's built-in wear distribution. Since SSDs have a limited number of write cycles before they reach the end of their lives, they are designed to intentionally "fragmen
  10. Crucial.com has compatible modules for your motherboard. Here is a review of the Asus P5E3 Deluxe WiFi. Your current items seem compatible. SATA 3 hard disks are backward-compatible with previous versions of SATA. The SATA controller will just be the bottleneck in maximum obtainable speed. Some newer hard disks have "force switches" that force them to use slower speeds on older SATA controllers.
  11. Your 32-bit version of Firefox won't be able to use the 64-bit version of Java. The 32-bit version of your browser will use the 32-bit version of Java. The 64-bit version of your browser will use the 64-bit version of Java. You need to install each individually. Uninstall both versions of Java then reinstall each. You can use JavaRa to clean up any traces of Java.
  12. You need to visit the Java website in the 64-bit version of the browser so that it will be detected as 64-bit and, therefore, offer you the 64-bit version of the download.
  13. I noticed a lot of link references to localhost, so perhaps Apache was still passing this information to WordPress when it should have been sending the domain name. Glad it worked out for you. BTW, WordPress was updated to v3.0.4, so you might want to update.
  14. In your wp-config.php file, add the following after define ('WPLANG', '');: /** Stop post revisions and extend autosave interval. */ define('AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL', 900); // delay autosave define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', false); // turn of post revisions Some other wp-config.php edits that might speed things up a bit: /** Blog address and site address */ define('WP_HOME', 'http://www.yourdomain.com'); // no trailing slash define('WP_SITEURL', 'http://www.yourdomain.com'); // no trailing slash /** Template path and stylesheet path specification */ define('TEMPLATEPATH', '/home/user/public_html/mysi
  15. As for the content of the website, you should be asking a knowledgeable person within the NGO. What is the organization about? Why should people provide donations? Once you get as much information as you can find, you can then proceed on organizing and presenting it. If the website is meant to generate discussion, a blog might be sufficient. Remember, a lot of blogging software already allow comments within posts. A forum might just be redundant and unnecessary. However, if you foresee lots of visitor-initiated discussion (i.e. those not guided by blog posts), then a forum might be required. F
  16. One can still use the Task Scheduler to trigger defragmentation during idle and not disturb when the computer is in use. By default, Windows should perform defragmentation in the background, so setting a schedule specifically for this is not necessary if your disk doesn't see much activity.
  17. In the past, I have used VirtualBox and found it quite good.
  18. Within heading tags are found the topics and sub-topics for your page's content. They show search engines how your content is organized so that there can be better crawling and keyword association. A hierarchy is involved with heading tags: H1 can be thought of as the "major topic", H2 is a "sub-topic" of H1, H3 is a "sub-topic" of H2, etc. So when using heading tags in your HTML, you should do so as if writing a well-organized essay. Rarely is going beyond H3 necessary if your page's content is concise and properly arranged.
  19. I'm a fan of WordPress because it's free, easy to set up and use, is constantly under development and can be expanded to do a variety of things thanks to custom themes/plugins. Have never used the others, so cannot compare. Joomla! and Drupal are more "true" CMSes than WordPress although, with a bit of tweaking and plugins, WordPress can be transformed into a fully-functional CMS. What are you looking for in a CMS?
  20. You need to close your heading tags. Review the <div> with the 'feature' class and you will see the errors. <div class="feature"> <h3>Come See Us!</h3> <h2>832 7th St NW, Rochester, MN (next to the Ye Olde Butcher Shop)</h2> <h3>Call Us Today!</h3> <h2>(507)252-0334</h2> <h3>Send Us An Email!</h3> <h2><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a></h2> <h3><strong>Business Hours:</strong></h3> <h2>9AM(We start answering the phone a
  21. There are many HTML editors and these can fall into the categories of WYSIWYG or basic text editors. WYSIWYG editors are great if you're not really interested in learning about the raw code that goes into making web pages; with text editors you will be looking at the raw code. For the novice, I believe you should first learn about HTML before learning about the editors because many of the editors are quite similar. The only difference between editors might be the way in which they help developers get things done. Here are a few links you can check out: 8 Website for Quality HTML Coding Example
  22. Recently activated this for a private site. Quite easy. I wanted to share subscribers across the site, but didn't want to manually go through 200+ users. So I installed the Multisite User Management plugin and it took care of this for me.
  23. Check to see if a driver update is available for the adapter. Uninstall the old version before installing the newer version. If your wireless adapter comes with its own wireless management software, decide whether you will use it or choose to go with the Windows Wireless Zero Configuration (WCZ). If you go with the former, you will have to deactivate WCZ via the Windows Services; if you go with the latter, simply disable the wireless management software from within the GUI or its corresponding startup item. Run a scan of the detected networks in your neighbourhood and take note of their wirele
  24. Are you sure you want to use a raster editor to edit vector images? Why not use Inkscape instead? It's free and has support for opening Adobe Illustrator files out of the box.