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  1. Well sir ... I took every thing apart including removing the mobo from the case. I removed all the drives and what not. Then I checked the cpu had a little too much grease so I clean it off. The pins are flat on the cpu so nothing was bent. I started it with just the cpu hooked up and it worked longer than before, then turned off. I put in a memory stick in the first slot and it worked. I added each part and checked to see if it worked each time and it did. I don't know exactly what was wrong but it works now. Thanks for reading my post.
  2. Howdy .... I'm upgrading a computer and after putting it all together I can't get the power to stay on. I hit the power button and the fans spin for a few seconds and that's it. I checked all my connections and they seem ok ... I have a cooler master 500w P/S I know works because I just pulled it from the machine I'm upgrading from. This is the mobo. This is the CPU. I checked my hookup to the case and it looks ok. The cpu is plug into the mobo. An in goes into the LGA socket only fits one way you can't put it in wrong. I installed the memory 2 2GB DDR 3 memory sticks. A PCI sound bla
  3. Apparently this is a Belkin F3U200 and I have seen posting were it will only work with the sidewinder joystick so that $21 down the drain.
  4. I see who makes this adapter ... It is a "Belkin Pro USB Cable" I what I think is a part number "E166307" If you know where I can get the driver please post.
  5. After doing some research I gather that XP can't ID the adapter ... I'm trying to see if I can find a driver. The adapter has no id marks what so ever so I'm thinking maybe find a generic driver? Any ideas?
  6. Hello ... I have this analog CH Products Virtual Pilot Pro and the analog CH Pedals. I'm using them with MS FS 2002. When I hook up my yoke and pedals to the game port windows XP Pro 32 bit see them, but the pedals won't function properly ... I can't calibrate them without getting an error. The yoke works fine, but not the pedals. So I got this USB / gameport adapter in the hopes I can get the rudders to function, but when I plug it in XP doesn't see it. Is there some kind of drive I need or something. I know the USB ports work because I have other things hooked up to them. Anyone have any
  7. I'm looking for a monitor that is from $130 to $140 to the door ... what do you think of this monitor? I've looked at a 22" Dell and a AOC with the same resolution and similar spec in that price range ... now I'm down to this ... HannsĀ·G HH-221HPB Black 21.5
  8. Thanks guys ... I guess sata is the rage now ... I took the mobo back and got one I can work with .... thanks for posting.
  9. See only one hookup for the drives ... the other is for the floppy ...
  10. Found the board here But I don't understand how I can hook up four drives with only one hook up help!
  11. I just purchase this elitegroup mobo for gateway ... but the thing only has ONE hookup for the drives! I can't believe it! It's a new board there should be hooks for 4 drives! But all I see is the hookup for drive and the floppy! I can't believe this! Help!
  12. Hi Pete ... thanks for responding ... no it's not like it's life or death ... I just what to see if I can get it to work and how the picture looks that's all. I've been wondering about that compatibility mode ... how do I run that with XP pro?
  13. I have this old Intel create and share webcam ... I think it's an 1.0 ... the software was copyrighted in 2000 ... intel no longer supports it and xp can't run it ... I did some searching and found this download for a driver ... it's suppose to be for my cam, but when I install the software thru a wizard ... nothing happen after I'm done and windows doesn't see the hardware ... can anyone help me with this? ... are there any webcam experts on the forum?
  14. Mark this one as solved ... I went here and downloaded and unziped the driver ... before I started I uninstalled the audio controller ... then rebooted the system .... then went the new hardward wizard came up I when through the prompts until I got to have disk ... then I when into the unziped files ... I didn't know where to look so I just started click down the line until I saw a win2000 and xp file ... I clicked on it and it open and when back to the address box ... so I knew I had the right file. I'm not sure but I think it said the driver wasn't tested and was I sure I wanted to use it
  15. to add to what sceeter32 said Okay guys ... here is what is going on ... the multimedia audio controller in the device manager claims the driver isn't installed ... the software for the motherboard... see link above ... the soundmax ... when I install it ... it claims there is no driver .... okay ... when I have window xp look for a driver it finds the realtec ac97 and tries to install it ... when it's about done ... the computer reboot on it own ... and the driver isn't installed ... everytime I try to install it that happens. The realtec is suppose to be the driver but it won't work ...