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  1. Are you trying to jump onto your neighbour's wireless signal through your own wireless router? Sounds like you are trying to bridge wireless connections, which may require further setup. However, if this is what you are attempting to do, why not use your own internet connection? Perhaps the reason you cannot connect is that the other signal is protected.
  2. LOL" http://blog.wired.com/underwire/2008/06/cellphones-cant.html
  3. Okay, Google Apps seems to be working just fine. E-mail gets in and out. However, the only problem comes about when my Wordpress blog tries to send mail. Nothing gets to my Google Apps e-mail account, but when I check on my server's Horde accounts I see the e-mails are being received there. What do I need to configure so that any e-mails sent from Wordpress are sent through the Google Apps accounts? I have been looking at the XPertMailer plugin, but since I do not know how to configure it for Google Apps I am not sure which settings I should be using. Thanks.
  4. Wow! Nice detective work there, TT! Both the OP and responder's posts are copied verbatim from that site. Also showing up at Notebookreview.com.
  5. If you took an original Windows XP installation CD and integrated the service pack, it should not amount to more than 700MB. Now, if you go ahead and integrate other software, drivers, etc. you will find yourself going beyond that. How did you get the files off of the installation CD and onto the hard disk? By simply copying and pasting? Sometimes, after doing this, some files may become inflated. I know this happens when I am slipstreaming service packs into my Microsoft Office CDs. I am not sure if nLite does anything special, but it does copy the files to the hard disk and may not inflate t
  6. See if CGSecurity's TestDisk (free) will be successful. If you are going to run it within Windows you should attach the disk you need to recover as a secondary drive on a PC that is functional. Alternatively, there is always the LiveCD version, but you will still need a separate disk for any recovered files to be copied to. I have never tried recovering files after a reformat with this utility, but it does claim to be able to do so. Note that there is no simple GUI front-end with this utility; you will need to read the documentation so you know what commands to run.
  7. Well, you can always check out the RyanVM Windows XP Post-SP2 Update Pack and use the Integrator program to slipstream the updates to your Windows XP SP2 installation CD.
  8. Quick update: Google Apps did a superb job of migrating mail from the source mail accounts on the web hosting server to the Google Apps accounts. Just a couple more questions: 1. Can I now delete accounts off of the source web hosting server since all e-mail is being handled by Google Apps? 2. I would like for the URLs to reflect the website's domain name (with a subdomain for each service, e.g. http://docs.mydomain.org). I believe I will have to get my host provider to change the CNAME records since I don't see where I can do this in cPanel, but will these URLs mask all references to Google i
  9. Hmmm, no problems installing on my AMD CPU system. Then again, I chose to use the full standalone update because I plan to back up the installer for easier distribution to my other PCs. Are those who are experiencing installation problems (minor or major) getting them after using Windows Update to obtain SP3?
  10. Well, I just installed it without a hitch! Took about 30 minutes to install. After I got the re-activation screen ("due to hardware changes") I was a tad bit concerned, but I just used the internet activation and everything is working fine... so far!
  11. Yes there is a standalone at the link I mentioned earlier. There is even a CD ISO image, which is ~200MB larger than the standalone installer.
  12. Apparently, it is now available for download. See here.
  13. I have a Linksys WRT54G v2.0 wireless router and ever since I changing the firmware I do not experience connection drops or lockups. I used the Sveasoft Alchemy firmware, but DD-WRT is also available which reveals a lot of features in the router. If you do not like the new firmware after taking it out for a test drive you can always revert to Linksys stock firmware.
  14. Okay, I believe I figured it out. I went into the /mail directory on the server and found folders that had 'Courier' in the folder names, so I took a chance and used this as the server software selection in Google's IMAP migration utility. After entering the details including usernames and passwords the transfers seem to be working. Yay! Thankfully, I only need to transfer e-mails for 4 accounts which should total <10MB.
  15. Hey guys! I signed up for Google Apps and received the education edition for my non-profit university organization. Our website is hosted by Hostmonster and used to handle our webmail before we switched to Google Apps, which is neat indeed! Anyway, sending and receiving mail through Google Apps works perfectly. The only thing left for me to do is to transfer mail from the main website to the Google-hosted accounts. I was reading about transferring via IMAP, but I do not know what software type to choose. How would I go about determining the software? Thanks a bunch!
  16. Are you trying to create a web page with a picture?
  17. Falcon1986


    My prayers go out to you and your family, Sultan.
  18. And 2 more that I designed: simplicity | dark-decor
  19. If you got the instructions for using ComboFix from a reputable tech support forum, it was probably to address malware infection issues if that was the suspected cause of your problem. Please only use these tools if told to do so by trained malware removal experts. You can cause serious harm to your PC if you or your instructor has no idea of what is being dealt with. Now, onto the issue with Autoplay. I remember seeing settings for Autoplay in TweakUI. If using Windows XP you can download the TweakUI powertoy directly from Microsoft. After you launch the application, go to 'My Computer' >
  20. When you say "brute force" this leads me to think that the website is probably not openly showing links to their media perhaps because they either only want you to be able to view it or having them publicly displayed may result in someone crawling their entire site and performing a mass download of everything, which would seriously impact their bandwidth or server. As a website administrator myself I understand this and take actions to prevent it such as restricting directory viewing, hotlinking, etc. If I were to let anyone be able to download any and everything from my website, that would po
  21. Here you go! Tried it myself and Quick Find no longer launches when you press ' on the keyboard.
  22. http://foliovision.com/2007/11/06/firefox-quickfind/ I find that when I don't have my cursor in a text input field within Firefox and press the apostrophe key, it launches Quick Find. It doesn't do this when I do have my cursor in a text input field.
  23. That is usually a sign that your ISP is monitoring BitTorrent traffic and will throttle you down if they recognize it. Read the uTorrent FAQ for an idea of what encryption does. Have you followed the uTorrent Connection Setup Guide? You may want to try setting up a static LAN IP with your PC so that its IP does not change every time the lease time from the router expires. Secondly, try using a single port for use with uTorrent and forwarding that port in your software firewall and router. You wouldn't also be using the Windows XP Firewall at the same time as Comodo, would you? Finally, try adj
  24. I'm thinking about using Google to handle my domain's e-mail primarily because of the increased reliability. Currently, I have RoundCube setup as a graphical e-mail access frontend. Do you think that migrating to Google will cause any problems with RoundCube?