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  1. pssst...Shadow_Thomas...take out the HTML and leave the URL.... Happy Thanksgiving all
  2. Marty, hi. I don't want to get into this too much, but if you would like help, it would help the helpers if you could post the error code you are receiving.
  3. I'm no Jeff, but those are amazing. I give those a "five...out of five"
  4. Are both PCs using the same version of Firefox? They might've changed something between versions. That's about all I can think of considering it works on one PC and not the other.
  5. As someone who has used both, I suggest Firefox. So far the only thing I found better in Mozilla that can not be accomplished in Firefox is the amount of preferences in Mozilla. I don't even think the ones Mozilla has are even that important. It also took some used to for using Alt+enter for new tabs instead of ctrl+enter
  6. Congrats TicToc! Don't let it touch Windows, raise it right!
  7. That is a sweet case. And a sweet Trillian skin. I prefer the darker one though...I haven't figured out what all the sounds are for yet...Solarian didn't have any sounds...
  8. B tells me he or she had a question but removed it. I'm guessing that at some other forum he or she went to, the ~ ~ meant something. Next time, hugeiccream, could you post saying that you took off your question for blah blah blah reasons?
  9. Psst...Crow...It's 4.01. They stopped there and went to XHTML And for any wondering: DHTML is just a fancy word for a set of CSS and JavaScripts that one can do to add much more dynamicity (making up words works for me) to a page.
  10. Do you mean like how under yours you have two blue squares? Or do you mean a little text like Member or Advanced Member? Like Here, Pete Covell has written under his name "Polymath"
  11. BurtStark, you forgot about how in XHTML in order to be valid, all attributes must be enclosed in quotes, while HTML yet again doesn't care. Example: HTML: <a href=>text</a> XHTML: <a href="">text</a> An example for the self closing break tag is: <br /> for those who did not understand and are too lazy to click the links (I don't blame you)
  12. Happy Day After Birthday, Sethook
  13. Snaxe

    Discs De Corn

    This is crazy. Go check out this Yahoo story. It's about a disc made of corn, and not the kind for throwing.
  14. Only in IE.... There's a line between laziness and insanity.... I believe what I'm told, and so nothing runs like a Deere.
  15. Snaxe


    B, you owe us root beers.
  16. You can hook the TV up to act as a monitor if that's plausible. I have no other ideas. I tried. I'm sorry. I failed you. What? You forgive me? Thanks.
  17. India/aardvark/kiwi I didn't think of the kiwi, I read it in dk's post. Go me! 2% all the way!
  18. Not gonna post my Linux desktop because it is nothing fancy... All information showed ...except that I made the colors myself with 3DCC. EDIT:!: Please hold, that is my old desktop. EDIT:@: There we go. EDIT:#: Yes, I do like it clean. EDIT:$: Changed picture and credit information. EDIT:%: Photobucket resized the big one.... EDIT:^: Hosted the file on; bigger restriction there EDIT:&: Updated EDIT:*: I'm running out of edits....Updated again to include a shot of Foobar2000.
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    Thanks, jcl. That's a good start. Reading this thread is making me rebooting into Red Hat. Good day.
  20. I'm fine with BBLean and its rightclick=>goodbye=>shutdown. Thanks for asking.
  21. pueo38, use instead. Also, switch where the URL and the text goes. I forgot to link to's site dedicated to the blackbox for windows project.
  22. No, that's too high. 14 year olds like me don't like the show.