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    Windows Xp

  2. I have had some rain here ,it started a couple of days ago. Yesterday it was 35-40mph wind and rainy. Kinna tough to get much done outside. You guys keep your heads down.
  3. Glad to see your all right martymas.
  4. Rock garden AZ. style. Big rock. Close to big rock Over view. Hard place. I would like to take credit for all the pics but it was a family effort. BTW these pic's were taken with a Sony Cyber-shot 5.1mp
  5. This is what it looked like the first day I was there. And here. One place I played at.
  6. Sunset last night. And from last night as well. These were taken with a canon powershot 150. As for the weather here it is going to rain starting later this week(if you trust the weatherman). I will be north bound later today.(home)
  7. I am hearing limited all ready. I will pass on the implants as earphones........
  8. It has been great.the first couple of days it was a little(for AZ.)rainy but the last few days has been dry. high today was near 80 and the last I looked the temp was 65 at 8:30 local time. The mountians to the south are Mexico. I am near Tombstone,AZ. Yes Dave it is relaxing here,too bad I can not stay. hitest I have been here often,but have limited my posting to near zero,wish I could say why..... And I like it here in AZ. as it is alot like Idaho is,just a bit drier and warmer. Hi Marko, Last time I was here I drove down and went thru Suncity and Phoenix (what a road race ) This time rod
  9. To the north. To the south. To the east. To the west. I have been here for about a week this time. Will be in Idaho tomorrow night. It has been nice here.
  10. tenmm

    Drunken State

    Stranded,stranded on the bathroom bowl What do you do when you stranded...............
  11. Brotherly Love . incest.......(sorry, but it just seemed to fit) Prison........end results....
  12. For now I am south of you. How far?? I look out the back window and see Mexico. It as 84 I think. Jsky Nice to see you posting. When the pace gets to frantic it must be vacation time....
  13. Who is Mikex30?? He sent me a PM over to g4um and ask about a old subject. I looked thru the members list and got no one. Signed: dazed and confused in Idaho.