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  1. Happy Brithdy Screi! I got yo a spell checker.
  2. What mail service? Does he use an email client like Outlook, Thunderird, or Eudora? If so, which one?
  3. X-Cannon, try this: open up Notepad (Start=>Programs=>accessories=>Notepad)=>copy and paste the stuff tictoc gave=>save as=>change "save as type" to "all files=>name the file "blah blah.reg" without the quotes=>save=>close notepad=>excecute the file After this the warning I mentioned should popup.
  4. <doubletheflashyeffects>Happy Birthday to both of you!</doubletheflashyeffects>
  5. Go back to the page tictoc gave. Scroll down to the ones he mentioned. Right-click the link on the right side and select save as. Save it to your desktop. When you go there, it should have an icon with a blue rubix cube like thing. Double click it and it will give some sort of warning about adding to registry blah blah blah. Click yes and it will add the stuff to the registry. You should probably restart now and hopefully it will work.
  6. <flashyeffects>Welcome!</flashyeffects>
  7. Snaxe

    Zelda Bug

    I think what it might be doing is going by "perfects" I don't think I got five perfects though....
  8. You drink Mountain Dew a lot? That's no good....It's ok in small doses but....You know it's not environmentally safe right? hehe
  9. <flashy effects>Welcome Chachazz!</flashy effects>
  10. Nah...doesn't sound as Elvisish. I thought you got your name because you liked Elvis but couldn't spell.
  11. Snaxe


    Not so much on the video games anymore...I am an avid fan of Snake though.
  12. As long as no one beats my in Snake I'm good. This way people will know how to pronounce my nick.
  13. Don't worry, you're as "sane" as the rest of us. Scroll down through this thread and you'll find posts about it.
  14. You can order a CD with SP2 on it if you don't want to have to download it.
  15. Change it to a PNG. To do this, open it up in MS Paint=>File=>Save As=>from the bottom drop down menu in the window that pops up, select PNG=>save=>upload. B most likely has not allowed bitmaps as they are huge in comparison to other image formats.
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    I should be getting my copy in a month or two. You'll know who I am.
  17. Snaxe

    How To ?

    Personally, I prefer It has a much higher restriction on files--1024k vs 250k--and doesn't require you to sign up between a certain period of time.
  18. probably should not host it on photobucket...its showing your IP.... That is not mine.... X-Cannon, I suggest you not use that as a sig. We had a little fiasco here over one of those.
  19. What you could do, is create a new folder named what you want. Then, copy everything in the other one to the new one. Now, using the technique CurlingSteve mentioned, change the My Documents location. Now, delete the old one.
  20. I just want you to have accurate information, so don't take this the wrong way. IE does have a Favorites toolbar, they just name it differently and it isn't well known. It is the Links toolbar. IE does allow folders in bookmarks, but I don't think separators. IE can also increase/decrease font size, but not to the extent Firefox can. With Firefox, you can make fonts really, really huge. I didn't even know about the Go feature, thanks for that. And lastly, IE does have a find in this page function, but Firefox has a find as you type. All you have to do is start typing and the little bar at the
  21. What you have to do, is click the button on the tool bar that is a dashed rectangle. Now, drag a rectangle around the place you want; in this case, the tab bar in Firefox. Now, push ctrl+x and close this window, dont save it. Open a new image and paste. Now save and do what you need.
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    Your Signature

    Not to be rude, but check out this thread.
  23. Darren: That sig isn't too big IMO. It's smaller than mine...