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  1. Ctrl+Click also opens a new tab.
  2. I definitely don't have one of those.
  3. Just added a bunch more. Most are BBLean Win Key shortcuts. I love that too ghorjus!
  4. Cable, router, wired I'm using a modem. I don't even know what NIC is. When Red Hat was installed, it was at a friend of my brother's house and no internet was connected.
  5. The link is in Hitest's sig. Click his name at the left of his post to view his sig in the bottom right corner of the page that comes up if you have sigs disabled. Took me a little to figure that out....
  6. Is there something I need to do in order to get the internet to work in Linux? I am using Red Hat 9. It also says GRUB and then a number at the Red Hat dual boot menu. Also, I don't think Windows is supposed to load faster than Linux, what could be wrong? System specs: AMD Athlon XP 2600+ ATI Radeon 9800 Pro ABIT NF7-s 1 GB RAM
  7. Alt+Tab is built into Windows AMEND:!: I found it. They said to click this MS link
  8. I like njustice's, MistaMatt's font, and the one macmarauder made that Nerelda already complimented.
  9. Have you checked your display settings? Start=>Control Panel=>Classic View=>Display=>Settings=>Color Quality I vaguely remember changing it from 32 bit to 16 bit and all of the icons that were on my desktop changed the way your Firefox icon seems to have changed.
  10. Thanks tictoc! Works great! Anyone know about the screensaver hotkey? I know it's possible to change hotkeys somehow as BBLean does it, but does anyone know how?
  11. I got a new computer this weekend. My brother put it together for me, and he partitioned the HD in a way I don't like. He made it such that I have just about no space on the C partition. What I want to do is "move" where it thinks the desktop and My Documents folders are to a different partition.0 I am on XP Pro. Is this possible? If so, how? Another thing: How do I assign a hotkey to bring up the screensaver? AMEND:!: I am using BBLean if that is important.
  12. Disabling right click is easily by passable. Right click disabling scripts tend not to work on all browsers either. It can also be annoying to page viewers. There is a way to disable hotlinking, but I do not know how. I know Tripod does it.
  13. Your welcome. By the way, it's Snaxe
  14. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\All Programs and move the ones your dad doesn't want to C:\Documents and Settings\[your user name]\Start Menu\All Programs
  15. Also, if you right click a link in the iTMS, an option comes up to "Copy iTunes Music Store URL".
  16. No I did not. Anyway, I'm getting a new computer so it doesn't really matter. It's now only going to be used rarely by my mom. My brother said he was going to reformat it also. Thanks for everyone's help. I didn't know cats liked beer....
  17. Snaxe


    Thanks, but mikex beat you to the stretched "and many more"
  18. Come on mac, you can make a better BOOM than that! I had a feeling Pete wouldn't believe so strongly in false information. Thanks for clearing that up mac.
  19. Snaxe


    I never got one. I didn't find it much appealing either. I think what most people found appealing was the 2GB limit and ability to email massive files. I think there's also an email search option or something.
  20. Welcome Smogersnots. You'll find there is a lot less flaming and what not here. It makes it a much better experience.
  21. Wow! Pete's a better man than I thought!
  22. You've put into words one reason why I hate school, macmarauder.
  23. Snaxe


    Thanks all. This seriously brightened my night.
  24. It seems to me that the boards weren't bad over the summer and then went downcliff once the new TSS started. I just read the thread about some wanting to get rid of Pete C. It's just getting worse and worse.
  25. My question is why would one not like Pete? He's done so much for people. I remember he spent over an hour just reading a HJT log for one person. Anyone willing to devote that much time for free doesn't deserve this kind of crap.