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  1. Thanks! Figured everyone had forgotten me by now.
  2. Hi everyone, Sorry I'm late in posting. Thanks alot! I appreciate it. I hope you had a good birthday flatiron__2.
  3. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have/had a good day!
  4. I'm bumping this post so robroy can see it and to say Welcome Back!!! Everyone missed you.
  5. I'm really sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. Wings Of The Angels by Tim Chambers A gentle wind blew cross the land Reaching out to take a hand For on the winds the angels came Calling out a mother's name. Left behind, the children's tears Loving memories of the years Of joy and love, a life well spent And now to God a mother's sent. On angel's wings, a heavenly flight The journey home, towards the light To those who weep, a life is gone But in God's love, 'tis but the dawn.
  6. I agree with the above, honesty is the most important thing. You cant actually see the person you're involved with online, you just type to them. This makes it alot more difficult, in my opinion, you have to trust that the person is being completely honest and open with you , and that they are not just playing games. For a person like me with serious trust issues , this is extremely difficult. Yes you can talk on the phone but it is still difficult. Sure it is possible for it to work, anything is possible. But, I think it is much more difficult. Good Luck, if you are involved in an online rela
  7. Problem fixed, it was a firewall issue. Thanks.
  8. Is there anyone else here that has gmail and is having trouble logging into their account? When I enter my username and password and log in it just goes to a blank page. I refresh and it does the same thing and just sits there. GRRRR!! I cleared all temp files and stuff and still no go. I haven't been able to check my mail for 2 days now. I also tried it with firefox too. *Jas rams his fist through his monitor!
  9. Jaspossum

    About U?

    Hey Jason!! Glad to see you made it, Welcome! Welcome to all the new users, enjoy your stay.
  10. Welcome! Glad to see you made it Jason. Welcome!
  11. Green is my favorite color. New Question. What is your favorite food?