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Here's my current one on my new rig. Well WWII planes seem to be pretty dominant on my rigs. Plus that painting. I can't seem to find a good tank one. Say like a Tiger or a british Crusader. That or a Russian T34-85.

*actually, it ended up being and Acura RSX Type-S and a Civic Si. I had to change it. Orange just ain't the right color for a desktop.



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O got tired of my RSX background. So I got a Civic Type R background now. I'm trying to find a different CTR background for my Lappy cause it to has a Honda Tuning Magazine RSX on it. It's just it's red and has a gold 01-03 Civic coupe in the background.

So here's my new one on my gaming rig.


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I like both rv56 but I have to say the fractal1 is an attention grabber! With your permission I want to play with that one and see if I can incorporate it into something different.


Yes...for sure Michael... :thumbsup:

Hope we get to see what you will come up with.... :matrix:

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Nice work Handplane and Arachnid40... :thumbsup:

Good to see you back and posting Handplane...wave2.gif

Yes Michael it is Bryce.....I played with it a little awhile back, then got very busy. I just started to pick away at it in the last few days.

Here is a couple from Bryce as I'm still trying things and experimenting... :rolleyes:


Click 2

Then there is the fractal proggie....Clicker and Click It

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