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Yes I know it's very large.... I am not very clean with my desktop, but then again I do use most all of these apps at least once a week and I hate going to Start > Program Files > etc.

Got the pic from It's Washu from Tenchi Muyo. I also have Active Desktop Calendar on there which since I never keep track of what day it is has been really useful.

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Here's why I have all the icons;

1) 29.5 GB left out of 120 GB

A) I play a lot of different games and often have LAN partys with friends over the weekends

C) My sisters on here when I'm not

42) If you saw my room you'd understand why I can stand clutter

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Yeah mine is pretty freakin cluttered especially cause I run at 800x600 (my family's been usin that res for 7 years so were kinda used to it) I have a load of games and that is not even all that are installed (there's like 2 you can't see) and nowhere near all the games I own (some are just insults to my sidewinder's power)

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Wow! I love those planes! Please tell us the story behind the shot.

Even though everyone's used to the old resolution I recommend bumping it up. It does take some time to get used to, but the benefits FAR outweigh any difficulity in adjusting.

Hope you saw the Windows shortcut mentioned in tips&tricks: Pressing the first letter of the icon you wish to select -- I still can't comprehend having to look at that many icons! :lol:

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story behind the planes

here i'll give you a hint look through my icons and then the logo in the corner of my screen. most of my icons are grouped together on what kind of game and what series (demos are all together too even).

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I downloaded it from Chachazz' link but haven't tried it yet. They look great rv, guess I will have to test drive it


Did the same robroy, got it from Chachazz post in software updates. Just started to check it out yesterday. Haven't went to much into it yet and checking some tutorials also. It's cool though.

Can't seem to find anyway to make the images JPEG yet.

Seems that Terragen does BMP only I think. So I've been opening the Terragen image in Gimp then save as JPEG. :lol:

Oh and while I was in Gimp I open the Terragen image I did and then used Gimp to add some effects... :lol:


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