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here is one I just did, I'm loving the Gimp.

That one is great!!

Good Job!

yeah, too bad it's nowhere near as good as yours or rv56's stuff, but I'm messing with it to learn more stuff I can do, plus I just added the gradients, Patterns, and other items from psp7 to the list of things it can access.

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Here's my bedroom's desktop. For those of you that have seen it my main system still has the B-17 squadron but the icons sure have changed.

Also this the wallpaper

Queensrÿche Wallpaper

I like that!

Please forgive an old fart but is Queensryche a rock group?

Here is my current desktop it is all original I even wrote the poem. I made this for my wife, we had our 23rd wedding anniversary Feb 14th. I printed it out on kodak High gloss photo paper at 8x10 then put it in a nice frame. I gave it to her for one of her gifts:

Click Me

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Share on other sites all of your work that is real cool. Your wife I'm sure really appreciated what you did.

Happy Anniversary to you and your wife Arachnid.... :thumbsup:

Oh and yes Queensryche is/was a rock group.... B)

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Yes Queensrÿche is a rock group................................................ that's been around for 23 years nearly.

They started in 83. They are progressive Metal. They are considered one of the best 3 progressive bands along with Rush and Dream Theater. They rule. Pagan's Mind is one I'm really into now. They are from Norway. But Queensrÿche is still pretty much my favorite.

Here's a few more.

Here in the Now Frontier 1997

Q2K 2000

Tribe 2003

There's a bunch more but just go to Queensrÿche's Website and then go to Releases and just find the albums that have wallpapers. There are also a lot more albums that don't have wallpapers. Mostly the older albums.

Man I can't wait till April when their next album comes out.

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