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  1. My new HTPC desktop. XP Pro - Razor 1.2 Theme Wallpaper from DeviantArt Rainmeter Skins: - Dark Rainmeter - Clock, Date, System Info - Custom Skin for text at top of each bar, and the planet launcher Each planet lights up on scroll over and opens the respective folder (text at top), while the System Info planet opens My Computer. Currently the Anime Planet is lit up.
  2. I'm wanting to set up a home web server for testing purposes, intranet only. Right now I'm planning on setting up openSUSE 11 x86 in Virtual Box (running on Windows 7 RC1 x64) on a 10GB vhd with 512MB RAM. I'm just not sure how to go about partitioning on it. Assuming I can get it set up correctly I'm just wanting to throw various CMS on it to try and learn to use them and also for testing layouts. Could anyone recommend a good partition structure for said server. Note: I know very little about linux. I've dual booted XP and Ubuntu several times but always end up deleting the Linux partition b
  3. Haven't posted here in awhile, I see Arachnid still posts a lot of his creations I've updated my desktop a lot, moved from XP to Windows 7, new apps, new wallpapers I got from DeviantArt Windows 7 x64 Rainmeter with: HUD.Vision Enigma (Weather & Calendar) Dark Rainmeter (Time & Date)
  4. Not really what I was looking for but it will do for now since I like the image preview. I set up the ext core and lightbox (I might look into JSONP later) and built a table with thumbnail links to a full size image. Thanks for the response but if anybody has something more automated (maybe I just didn't see the automated part of this) I'd greatly appreciate it.
  5. I'm looking for a simple way to automatically load all photo's from a directory on the website into a simple array, maybe 5 x 5 with multiple pages of photo's (not creating a "pics1.html, pics2.html, pics3.html etc.) and when you click on an image it opens a pop up with an enlarged version. I'm thinking this all might have to be done in flash, so maybe a flash template? I don't know much about flash though I have access to Adobe Flash CS3 and have done minor tweaks to templates before such as changing text replacing images. Free is best.
  6. Currently learning Unattended installation, and I'm wanting to customize the images that appear during the XP installation process. Where are these files located (I'm assuming within the I386 folder?)
  7. I know nothing of actionscript or flash. I helped a friend set up a website for her photography, she paid for domain space and a flash template but didn't have the software or know-how to customize the template, so I offered to do it for her. I managed to change all the names and such, fairly simple, just finding the right object and editing the text. The problem is on the News page I need to be able to have multiple pages for each month of news (and scrollable in case there's more news than the page can fit in one month but I think I found a tutorial to help me with that.) The website is here
  8. In that case is there a way to use the UBCD software on an external drive instead of a CD? Would I just create a partition on the external and throw the files in?
  9. Looking for diagnostic software I can put on an external drive that will allow me to either boot from it and diagnose a variety of hardware problems or recover data from a bad drive. Something of the sorts anyway. Anybody know of any such software? I saw Ultimate Boot CD but wasn't sure if it was legit or even good.
  10. Have a wireless pci adapter, MN-730, Broadcom chipset, bcm43xG. I've tried many How to's on the Ubuntu forums but nothing seems to work. I don't want use fwcutter (bcm43xx or something like that), or not completely, if I need to use it at first to be able to get online to download something to get ndiswrapper to work I will. I say this because from what I've read, fwcutter will leave me with an 11mbps connection which I is too slow. Am hoping maybe somebody can help me out individually since the how to's aren't helping. got mn720-ankh.inf installed only problem now is I seem to have misplaced
  11. Blue Fan Blue Shards Rays of Ice *Hi-Resolution 1MB+* Blood Ether *Hi-Resolution 1MB+* The first 2 were made at school, the second two hi-res were at home with the many different brushes. Namings probably suck but oh well.
  12. I have created a few wallpapers, unfortunately they were at school (got bored and they had Photoshop CS3) so I can't post them yet. For now I'll post my latest desktop customizing: Using ObjectDock, the top dock autohides but I pulled it out for the screenshot. Vista Aurora wallpaper, Razor XP Theme.
  13. Yeah, I'd have to say those 9 hours look to be worth it, that is amazing.
  14. OK, I set up a computer out of spare parts I had, not great, believe it's an old Pentium 2, at least 300 MB ram, 4GB HDD. Installed Ubuntu 4.10 on it and now I'm trying to get it online. I've got a crossover cable running between the Linux computer and my Windows XP desktop that has a wireless card connected to the wireless network (router is downstairs). What I'm trying to figure out is how to set up the connection. Do I need to Bridge my wireless and LAN connections via Network Connections and if so should the Ubuntu computer automatically be able to get online or do I need to do something
  15. Question: has nobody heard of Archos? I mean ok, yeah, different views, different opinions, but really, why would you spend $400 on a 16GB iPod Touch when you can spend the same amount on an Archos 605 WiFi with 160GB? I mean is multi-touch and a smaller design really worth it for 10 times less space? Oh well, I don't mean to bash Apple (well maybe just a tiny bit) but most commonly the only advantage I've found an iPod has ever had over something else of the same type is that it's smaller.