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Nice work rv....

glad to see some creativity along with using terragen...I'm not a big fan of the program but you're definitely improving by adding things to the image.

only one suggestion...

when making starfields...I'd try to vary the brightness of the stars, easily done with multiple black layers of different opacities and an eraser...would look alot more "real".

keep up the good work. :)

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Well thank you very much Tictoc

Yes I have been experimenting with putting/adding other images into Terragen whether they are my own through Gimp or from Goggle. There are some functions I'm still learning what they do and some I just don't know what to use yet between the two programs. :lol: This has been a real learning experience playing with these programs and a lot of fun. :D

I know what you mean with the starfield background. I've been trying to improve through Gimp by using the Saturn fractual and manipulate the different sliders to get what would look like a starfield pic. Then change the colors to white and then use the noise/spread to scatter them around. From there I would use the contrast and brightness to tone it down some.

I like your tip/suggestion and will try to see what I can come up with.

Thanks so much... :thumbsup:

Heres a few more that I have tried when I was trying out some ideas... :rolleyes:

Along Time Ago




A couple of those may be a bit on the abstract side... :rolleyes:

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Ok...made a terrain with Terragen and took out the sky. Loaded the image in Gimp and set up the stars,

then added a couple of layers with black background and played with the opacity levels. Merged down and erased so that the terrain is in veiw. Added some cosmic gas(very lightly), added the moon image, scaled down to match shadows, erased it's backgound and merged and then added a couple larger stars (or nova's).

Copied to jpeg and here it is....Clicker

***pant...pant...out of breath... :wacko:

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Thank you very much Michael....

Yes...*pant*..must get breath back..*pant*...*ok I'm better now*

Well if it wasn't for all you guys in this Graghics board I would still be wondering and wanting

to be able to do these things. :rolleyes: Though I'm still learning and trying, I know I'm only scratching the surface... :D

So a big thanks to all of ya... :thumbsup:

***now I think I'll take a break and go blast myself silly on the guitar for a while... ^_^ ***

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