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  1. new xfce desktop on xubuntu 6.10
  2. One of the reasons I like linux so much is that I can download a new distros whenever I want to try something new. One distro that I had never been able to try was Red Hat mostly because you have to buy support and I wasn't about to dish out that kind of cash just to try something out. What I realized is that you can sign up for a free 30-day trial of red hat (in my case, RHEL WS 4) which allows you to download the ISO files and have access to updates for the length of the trial. I had tried fedora before but after using red hat for a few days it's clear they have their differences. The first
  3. Unfortunately, the remote desktop that is included with XP pro doesn't support multi-monitor setups. The newest version of remote desktop (included with windows vista) does support multi-monitors. But if you're not running vista you won't be able to use multi-monitors in a remote session.
  4. I've been spoiled by dual monitors and now can't live without them
  5. Ah yes, that is one limitation of RDC v5.1 (the version included w/ XP). RDC v6.0, which is included with Windows Vista, has support for multi-monitor setups. This doesn't help you very much though. If you really need to be able to see both monitors then VNC seems to be your only option.
  6. Thanks for the link and the laugh... I had never heard of uncyclopedia before. It's a pretty neat site.
  7. RDC uses port 3389 and no you can't use a VNC viewer (as far as I know), just the microsoft RDC client.
  8. Microsoft makes a Mac OS X RDC client that I use often (you can find it here) and it works just as well as the windows client. The windows client is already included with every XP box so you don't have to worry about downloading a client if you're connecting from an XP box. And about it being hard to set up... how so? RDC is extremely easy to set up, especially when compared with VNC. There are no extra programs to install or anything like that. RDC is also inherently more secure since encryption is built into the RDC protocol. Encryption with a VNC connection is a little more tricky to get se
  9. I'll throw another vote out for but if you don't want to use them that's understandable. Just out of curiosity, is the box in question running windows xp pro? If so, you should consider using remote desktop instead of VNC. Remote desktop is built into every XP pro box and IMO works MUCH better than VNC.
  10. Xubuntu 6.10 running on an old PII I had laying around. I'm actually pretty impressed with how well this machine is running. Gnome and KDE were always too heavy and I could never quite get used to fluxbox. Xfce seems to be the desktop of choice on this old clunker
  11. QFT NOD32 is a great piece of software.
  12. iTunes can do that.
  13. In order for the PCs to be correctly networked, each computer needs to be connected to a regular port (not an uplink port) on the router, hub, switch, etc.