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Looking good everyone... :thumbsup:

I call this one Twins....... :rolleyes:

Reminds me of Dune

Well after finding some new Photoshop brushes I've been experimenting,

mostly making forum sigs (can view here if you'd like) but I tried out a "Space Terragen"

using one of my old Terragen renders. Haven't messed with TG2 in a long time and don't

really feel like trying to learn it so I'll stick with TG1.

Blood Space

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gonna be workin on my lappy and main rig's desktops soon. I'm gonna start using Rainmeter but I haven't found a skin I like yet and I'm thinkin of changing the theme on my main rig but I'm definitely getting a new wallpaper. I may experiment in Vista themes but I'm keepin the same wallpaper unless I run into one I really like.

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Been a while since I made a new wallpaper. I have been having some health problems. Trouble with my heart. I am feeling somewhat better now. I made this new one:

Neon Moon


WoW Michael.......sorry to hear this. My Gosh!! I'm glad you are getting better now take care of yourself, ok???. Shoot me a PM or email sometime when you can.

Take care,


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